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Allegiant Air A320 Seating Chart

Author: Amelia Wright

Seating Details

Class Pitch Width Seats
Legroom + 34″ 17″ 18
Extra 30″ 17″ 159

Seat map key

seat map key airbus a320

Allegiant A320 Overview

Allegiant Air only operates the Airbus A320-200 and has 79 planes. The company chose to run the A320-200 because of its dependability, strength, and simplicity of operation. As the Allegiant A320 seating chart shows, all of Allegiant’s Airbus A320 planes have an impressive seating layout.

To reduce fuel usage, the airline attached sharklets on its wings; this design also increases the aircraft’s range. One could also argue that they make the planes look sleeker. But the magic happens when passengers get inside the aircraft, as the Allegiant Airbus A320 is outfitted with comfortable seats, entertainment options, and other amenities, ensuring passengers have a pleasant flight.

The seats on the Airbus A320 are beautifully designed to match the interior. You don’t have to worry about your luggage or where you will keep them. The Airbus A320 Allegiant has overhead storage space. Ground storage is close to your knees on the back of each seat.

One thing that makes the Allegiant Airbus A320 interior impressive is the available DC power plugs in the seats. You can power your mobile phone or MP3 player with the power outlet due to its 15-volt current. You may adjust the seat back to get more legroom.

Drinks, food, and goods are available on board the A320 Allegiant. However, you will have to pay a certain amount to get them. The airline has discontinued access to hot water and coffee on board.

In most airlines, there is an unaccompanied minors service for children below 15 years traveling without a parent or guardian. Most airlines provide a service to help these kids from the airport to their destination.

Regrettably, Allegiant Air does not offer unaccompanied minor services. However, the A320 seating Allegiant offers, when combined with the attitude of the Allegiant Air staff towards passengers, is good enough to make you overlook the few inadequacies.

Airbus A320 Allegiant Seat Map: Best Seats

When you book the Airbus A320 seating, Allegiant gives you only standard Economy Class seats. According to their charts, the Allegiant Air A320 consists of 177 narrow seats, with 18 seats making up the extra legroom seats.

The difference between the extra legroom and the regular seats is an additional 4 inches pitch. Extra legroom seats have 34 inches seat pitch while the standard seats have 30. The width of the seats in the sections is the same —17 inches.

The extra legroom seats in the Allegiant Airlines A320 are the 1DEF, 2ABC, and those in the 4th and 12th rows. Seating in these seats is more comfortable. However, good things come with a price; enjoying the convenience of the extra legroom seats requires a fee.

Though the extra legroom seats are more comfortable, they have drawbacks. Since the tray tables are fixed in seats 1DEF and 2ABC, they are narrower than expected. Also, these seats do not have floor storage during landing and takeoff, and passengers often cluster around them, making it difficult to use the restrooms.

In the Allegiant A320 interior, the 12th and 14th rows are the most desirable seats. However, the 12th row has some drawbacks — no overhead space for storage and narrow seats.
Part of the reasons why seats 12ABC, 12DEF, 14ABC, and 14DEF are the best seats in the A320 is their location. These seats are positioned behind the exit row, hence the reason for their extra leg space.

Passengers in seats 30C and 30D may have a difficult time due to the proximity to the restrooms. The last row seats — 31ABC and DEF — are the worst in the Allegiant Air A320 because of their proximity to the lavatory.