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Emirates Overview

Emirate Airlines

Emirates is one of the few airlines with a fleet of entirely wide-body aircraft, consisting of Airbus and Boeing. With 134 Boeing 777s in operation, Emirates also holds the title of the biggest Boeing 777 operator in the world. As the Emirates seat map shows, the Airline has an excellent design and incredible features.

Using passenger-kilometer flown and planned revenue as metrics, Emirate Airlines is the fourth-largest airline worldwide and the second-largest in freight tonne-kilometers flown. Emirates served over 150 destinations from its base in Dubai, covering six continents and over 70 countries. As of 2015, the company recorded an incredible 3,000 flights per week.

Emirates Seat Selection Options

Regular Seats

Preferred Seats

The Regular seats are the basic Economy Emirates Airlines seats. The seat space and legroom are standard. There are no complimentary drinks, and the food menu is minimal.
These regular seats are ideal for shorter trips, and passengers can select these seats using the Emirates Economy Flex seating option.

Preferred Emirates select seat options are usually at the front row. These seats are located on the upper decks. Aside from passengers’ privacy, these seats have the same amenities as standard Economy class seats. The main perk is that its passengers leave the plane before others.

Twin Seats

Extra Legroom Seats

One can reserve an entire row in the Twin seat section of the Economy Class. These seats are available on Emirates 777s and are mainly situated at the back of the aircraft. The Twin seats provide plenty of space to spread out and be more comfortable. The location of the seats is ideal, especially if you want to avoid prying eyes.

The Extra Legroom Emirates Airlines seating pattern has the seats clustered around the emergency exits. They provide more space for passengers’ legs to make the flight more pleasant. The standard legroom in a plane’s economy class is 32 inches, but this cabin has room for an additional six inches. The in-flight entertainment and catering offerings are on par with those in other Economy class sections.

First Class

There are two distinct kinds of First Class seats on Emirates. There is an Enclosed Suite with a door that goes all the way to the ceiling. The Private Suite has a door that closes but not up to the top. Each suite features a private entrance, coat rack, minibar, and ample storage space.

On board the Emirates First Class seats, you will enjoy premium entertainment; however, the two suites have distinct features. In the enclosed suite, passengers enjoy premium entertainment through the 32-inch television screen. In contrast, passengers in the Private Suite have 23-inch screen televisions.

The Private Suite is available on the Airbus A380-800 and Boeing 777-300ER. First-class passengers on the newly introduced Airbus A380-800 have a spa, lavatory, and private suites. There is also a bar and lounge access to passengers on the Emirates Business Class seats.

Business class

Every Boeing 777-200LR and 777-300ER Emirates Business Class seat has a pitch of 60 inches and reclines to a fully flat bed of 79 inches in length.

In-seat USB connections and an RCA plug for laptop connections are available in this cabin. Also, there is a 23-inch wide HD television screen with over 600 channels of entertainment for the entertainment of passengers.

Seats aboard Airbus A380-800 aircraft are fitted with individual minibars and may recline into a completely flat bed. The Business Class seats Emirates A380 have a staggered design; hence, half of them have 70 inches in length, 9 inches shorter than others.

Premium Economy Class

Emirates Airlines has Premium Economy Class in six of its Airbus A380 aircraft. Also, the cabin will be rolled out with the launch of Emirates’ first Boeing 777X billed for 2025. The company will also add the Premium Economy Emirates seats to the Boeing 777-300ERs.

According to Emirates’ CEO, Tim Clark, the company would begin installing Recaro PL3530 chairs in its Premium Economy cabins. Moreover, Emirates also announced a refit program that would start in 2022. This retrofit will result in the fitting of 53 Boeing 777s and 52 Airbus A380s with the Premium Economy.

Economy class

The Emirates Economy seats on the Airbus aircraft feature a seat pitch of 31 to 32 inches. The seat pitch differs from what is available on the Boeing aircraft, bar the Boeing 777, which is 34 inches.

On its Boeing 777 planes, Emirates has ten seats in each row. The Economy Class on the A380 Airbus has more legroom and recline. When flying on the plane, you may adjust the headrest however it suits you, and the in-flight entertainment system, ICE, has 3000 channels.

In-flight Amenities of Emirates Airlines


Aside from the comfort of the Emirate Airline seats, passengers will enjoy premium entertainment via the Emirates in-flight Entertainment system, ICE (Information, Communication, and Entertainment). Passengers will get access to more than 600 movies on demand, over 2,000 live and on-demand TV channels, thousands of songs, and hundreds of video games.

The ICE service covers various languages like Japanese, Hindi, French, English, Thai, Urdu, Tamil, Italian, etc. Interestingly, in all cabins of Emirate Airlines, there is on-demand access to movies and TV shows, with fast-forward, rewind, and stop functions.


For $1 per message, passengers may use ICE (Information, Communication, and

Entertainment) connection to an email server available on the flight to check, compose, and send or receive electronic mail. ICE also facilitates a seat-to-seat chatting service.

To facilitate passengers’ ability to make and receive calls and text messages while in flight, the airline and mobile communications company AeroMobile reached an agreement in November 2006. Afterward, Emirates launched the ICE service in 2008.

How to Select Seats on Emirates Seating Chart

After your Emirates seat assignment, you may request a seat change. You can move to a different row or purchase a more expensive ticket. You may have to pay for the seat change depending on location and destination. For those with the Flex Ticket, there is no charge for a seat change. 

  • Go to the Emirates Airlines homepage.
  • Check in by clicking the “Check-in” option on the main page
  • Fill in the required information like your surname and your booking Number. 
  • Confirm your flight and choose the option to “Change Seats.”
  • Select the most suitable seat from the seat map and switch to it.
  • After making changes, please click the “Save” button.
  • Complete the payment procedure.