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Hawaiian Airlines Seat Map

Hawaiian Airlines General Information

Hawaiian Airlines is one of the oldest commercial airlines, and it has acquired many planes in its years of business. This American-based airline has the Airbus A321, Airbus A330, and Boeing 717 in its fleet of aircraft. Hence, the Hawaiian Airlines seating chart differs depending on the plane you board.

You can be sure of flying without hitches when you board Hawaiian Airlines. The seats are incredibly comfortable, irrespective of the cabin you are flying in. On the airline, there are two categories of baggage. There is the carry-on and checked luggage — the size of the baggage matters in how they are treated.

Kids between the ages of 5 and 14 must fly as unaccompanied minors if they are not with a companion above 15 years. The Hawaiian Airlines planes seating chart shows seats with lap belts that nursing mothers can attach to the seat belt. This lap belt ensures that their kids can sit on their lap.

The Hawaiian Airlines plane seats are also designed to let you travel with your dog, cat, or other pets as a carry-on. However, your pet must be small enough to stay comfortably under the seats. The cargo hold may be the only option if the pet is too big to fit.

Some may ask, “is Hawaiian Airlines blocking middle seats?“ The answer is no. Hawaiian Airlines have stopped blocking middle seats — a policy implemented to check the spread of the CoronaVirus.

Hawaiian Airlines Seat Map Options


The Hawaiian Airlines First Class Seats come with everything a passenger would want. You can rest assured of a smooth flight on board this cabin.

One thing that attracts passengers to the First cabin of Hawaiian Airlines is its privacy and comfort. In Airbus A330s, the seats are 180° bed seats. The in-flight services, like meals, are outstanding.

Being bored is impossible when occupying a Hawaiian Airlines First Class seating position. The reason is that passengers get iPad Pros for in-flight entertainment. Depending on what content they like, they can view videos from the Airline’s app.


As you would expect, the Economy cabin of Hawaiian Airlines offers less comfort than you get in the First cabin. Passengers in this cabin will enjoy complimentary meals and beverages on the flight.

There are power outlets for each passenger in the Economy cabin to charge their phones. Depending on the seats, you will enjoy enough leg space, so you don’t feel uncomfortable.
Premium Cabin
Passengers of the Premium Cabin go for this Hawaiian Airlines seats selection because of comfort. They don’t mind paying a little extra to ensure a pleasant flight. On board this cabin, there are cocktails, wine, and brews.

When you use the Hawaiian Airlines seating plan to pick a seat in the Premium Cabin, you get priority check-in and boarding, access to the Premier Club lounge, and complementary foods and beverages. This cabin is available in Airbus A321, Boeing 717, and the Airbus A321 Neo.

As anyone would expect, the Premium Cabin has extra legroom and comes with other amenities to ensure a pleasurable flight.

Main Cabin

Passengers that select the Main Cabin after making their Hawaiian Airlines seat selection get several benefits and a few disadvantages. The seats in the cabin are not as comfortable as the Extra Comfort seats; this is expected due to the price disparity.

The Main Cabin of the Hawaiian Airlines plane seating comes with complimentary snacks, meals, and drinks. In the cabin, passengers will get USB ports to charge their phones. The fares are not refundable unless you cancel them within a day of booking and a week before departure.

Extra Comfort

The Extra Comfort seats Hawaiian Airlines provide can be found in the Airbus A330s. The seats offer more comfort than obtainable in the Main Cabin.

With the Hawaiian Airlines Extra Comfort seats, you can rest assured of a smooth flight — a perfect start to your vacation. The cabin has a power outlet and USB charging port for each passenger to charge their phones, devices, and other devices.

Passengers also get amenity kits, like earplugs, earphones, and eye shade, on board the Extra Comfort cabin. There are also toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrush, lip balm, etc.