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777 300ER American Airlines Seat Map

AA 777 300ER Overview

The American Airlines 777-300ER is a flagship aircraft that provides customers with an outstanding flying experience. Operated by American Airlines, this wide-body aircraft is known for its impressive size, range, and state-of-the-art features. Let’s delve into some key aspects of the newer version of the 777 300 American Airlines.

American Airlines has a rich fleet of aircraft, with the Boeing 777 300ER being one of its latest. First and foremost, the upgraded version of the 777-300 American Airlines stands out for its spaciousness and capacity. With a length of approximately 242 feet and a wingspan of about 199 feet, this aircraft has ample room to accommodate a significant number of passengers and cargo. Its generous size allows for a comfortable and enjoyable journey, regardless of whether you’re traveling in economy, business, or first class.

Speaking of seating, It carries 304 passengers thanks to its four cabins. To accommodate various customer preferences, the American airlines 777 300 provides a range of cabin classes. The aircraft typically includes a luxurious first class section, featuring lie-flat seats that provide ultimate comfort during long-haul flights. Business class passengers can indulge in the privacy and convenience of their own personal space, often equipped with lie-flat seats or angled-flat seats, ensuring a restful journey. Economy class passengers can also expect a comfortable experience, with well-designed seats and ample legroom for enhanced relaxation.

Entertainment options are abundant onboard the 777-300ER. On their own seatback displays, flyers may access a variety of movies, TV programs, music, and games. The entertainment system often offers the latest in-flight entertainment technology, providing a comprehensive and immersive entertainment experience throughout the flight. Each cabin in the Boeing 777-300ER American Airlines features amenities like Audio Video On Demand (AVOD) systems and 110-volt power outlets.

On each seat in the Flagship First and Business cabins of AA 777-300ER, there is a 15.4-inch high-definition (HD) touchscreen with up to 75 movies, over 150 TV shows, over 350 audio options, 15 games, and five live-streaming TV channels — BBC News, CNN, CNBC, Sport 2, Sport 2 Extra.

American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

There is a slightly smaller 8.9-inch high-definition (HD) touchscreen monitor built into the back of every seat in the Premium Economy and Main Cabin of the Boeing 777 300ER American, on which passengers may watch movies, play video games, and listen to music.
The route, flight duration, and time of day determine the food service in the American Airlines 777-300ER. Flagship First, Business, and Premium Economy passengers get premium dining, while Main Cabin passengers on long-haul flights get multicourse meals at no cost.

In terms of technology and connectivity, the American Airlines 777-300ER keeps passengers well-connected. Many of these aircraft are equipped with Wi-Fi, enabling passengers to stay connected with their loved ones or work on important tasks during the flight. This feature allows for seamless communication and productivity at 35,000 feet.

Additionally, the American Airlines 777-300ER prioritizes passenger comfort and convenience by offering a range of amenities. These may include power outlets at each seat, USB ports for charging devices, adjustable headrests, and ample overhead storage space to ensure a hassle-free travel experience.

American Airlines 777 300ER Best Seats

Flagship First

The Flagship First cabin of the American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER comprises eight seats shared in two rows. The seats are in a 1-2-1 configuration. You can rest assured of getting premium comfort when you travel in this cabin.

The impressive amenities of this AA Boeing 777 300ER First cabin include flatbed seats, on-demand TV, and AC power to ensure you travel without bothering about your devices running out of juice. Also, you can see your favorite movie and show live on AVOD TV.

Though all the seats in the Flagship First cabin of the American 777-300ER are comfortable, passengers may find some slightly undesirable. For instance, seats 1G and 1J are close to the galley, and the light from the galley may disturb passengers trying to nap.

American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

777-300ER American Airlines

Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
Flagship First 64″/78″ 21.5 1-2 8
Flagship Business 43″/75″ 20.5 3-15 52
Premium Economy 38″ 18.5 16-19 28
Main Cabin 31″-32″ 16.2 – 17.1 20-44 188

Seat map key

777-300ER American Airlines

Flagship Business

All American Airlines 777 300ER Business Class passengers have direct aisle access because of the 1-2-1 reverse herringbone layout of the seats. In addition, the combination of the wood panel accents and gray tones brings a soothing ambiance. This configuration ensures ample space and privacy for each passenger, creating a serene environment throughout the journey.

The American Airlines 777-300 Business Сlass seating arrangement on this aircraft features the esteemed Safran Cirrus seat, renowned for its reverse herringbone configuration. This design places the window seats at an angle facing the windows, while the center seats are positioned to face each other. Over time, this seating layout has proven to be highly successful, offering a comfortable and elegant experience for passengers.

Thanks to American Airlines’ cooperation with Casper, you will sleep well on an extra-long bed with luxurious linens. In addition, each seat in the Flagship Business of the American 777 300ER has a mattress pad, pillow, and duvet.

Passengers seeking a cozy atmosphere are advised to select the center seats, as they are ideal for couples or those who wish to socialize during the flight. These AA 777-300 seats face each other, fostering a pleasant and intimate setting. On the other hand, solo travelers or individuals seeking solitude may prefer the window seats. Positioned at an angle towards the windows, these seats offer breathtaking views and a tranquil ambiance.

Pick a seat along the bulkhead in row 3 if you want privacy — you can find this area just behind Flagship First. Row 4 of this cabin is slightly undesirable due to the proximity to the lavatory. However, like row 3, it offers privacy hence, is ideal for people traveling alone.
In the AA 777 300ER Business class, avoid the 4th, 5th, and 15th rows since they are pretty noisy due to their proximity to the lavatory; other passengers congregate in the area. Row 11 is also not good because it does not have windows.

To enhance the overall experience, passengers of the new version of the AA 777 300 seated by the windows are recommended to avoid Row 11, as it lacks windows. By heeding this suggestion, passengers can avoid any potential disappointment and enjoy an uninterrupted connection with the captivating vistas outside.

Premium Economy

The American Airlines 777 300ER seat map shows that the premium Economy cabin has similar seat widths, pitches, and configurations. The cabin comprises 28 seats in a 2-4-2 layout, starting from rows 16 to 19. It is behind the Flagship Business Boeing 777 300ER American Airlines.

This cabin features recliner seats, on-demand TV, and AC power ports. The first row seats of the Premium Economy, comprising 16AC, 16DEGH, and 16JL, are the seats to avoid.

Though they have extra legroom due to the exit in front of them, they have their downsides. For starters, these seas are close to the lavatories. Secondly, the exit row in front of these seats makes the area too cold. Additionally, the seats do not have storage space for passengers to keep their belongings during takeoff and landing.

 Boeing 777-300ER American Airlines

Main Cabin

The Main Cabin of the 777-300ER American Airlines plane has a 3-4-3 and 2-4-2 configuration. The seats in the cabin feature on-demand TV and AC power ports. If you can, avoid row 20; the seats have limited legroom, no floor storage during takeoff and landing, and narrow seat width due to the position of tray tables on their armrests.

Seats 22C, 22J, 29C, 29J, 33C, and 33J are also bad because other passengers may bump into people in them. Then, the proximity to the lavatories makes 29DEGH, 30C, 30J, 43AC, and 43JL unsuitable.

The seats 44DEGH in the last row of the American Airline 777 300 are the worst in the cabin. They have limited recline and are too close to the lavatory and galley.