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American Airlines A319 Seat Map

American Airlines A319 Seat Map

Airbus A319 American Airlines Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
First 38″ 21″ 1-2 8
Main Cabin Extra 34″ 17.7″ 8-10, 14 24
Main Cabin 30″ 17.3-18″ 11-13, 15-27 96

Amenities Key

Amenities Key seat map

American Airlines Airbus A319 Seating Overview

The American Airlines Airbus A319 is a reliable plane used mainly for local travel within America as it wasn’t made for long-distance flights. It has a narrow body and different configurations, so its passengers use the American Airlines A319 seat map to understand its three-cabin structure.

The portable devices and monitors on each seat live up to expectations. As a passenger, you can watch a wide range of programs aboard the American Airlines A319. Films, shows, and games are available to all passengers, and regardless of the cabin, you’ll enjoy a good time.

The meals passengers get on the AA Airbus A319 depend on time and flight distance. Those aboard the First, Main Cabin Extra, and Main Cabin get free snacks. You can get more on flights for a price for journeys over two hours. Anything longer than three hours and you get the option to buy light meals.

Wine, spirits, and alcoholic beverages are free for travelers in the First and Main Cabin Extra. Those in the Main Cabin have to pay to get those treats.

Aside from the music, games, and movies available for passengers on the American Airlines Airbus A319 seating, you will enjoy WiFi service to ensure you don’t get bored; however, this service is not free. You can purchase monthly or daily accessibility before flying.

Airbus A319 Seating American Airlines: Best Seats


The American Airlines Airbus A319 has the First cabin as its best on board, holding eight seats in a 2-2 setup. The first row — seats 1ACD and F — has little room for passengers to stretch their legs due to the bulkhead. They also don’t recline.

Other downsides of seats 1AC and 1DF in the American Airlines A319 First Class cabin are their closeness to the lavatory and galley and lack of floor storage for passengers to keep their belongings during landing and takeoff. 2DEF are traditional First cabin seats that recline.

Main Cabin Extra

The Main Cabin Extra of the Airbus A319 American Airlines holds 18 seats that pitch 38 degrees and are 17.7 inches across. The first row of the cabin, holding seats 8ABC and 8DEF, is relatively worse than the other seats. Though they come with extra leg space, overall comfort isn’t as good as it could be due to the bulkhead. The seats are also narrower due to the tray tables in the armrests.

Another disadvantage of the 8ABC and 8DEF seats is the lack of floor storage. And some passengers won’t like that in-flight amenities like the monitor are fastened to the bulkhead.

Aside from 8ABC and 8DEF, the other seats in the Main Cabin Extra of the A319 American Airlines — 9ABC, 9DEF, 10ABC, and 10DEF — are perfect. They all have more legroom, hence requiring supplementary charges.

Main Cabin

This section of the Airbus A319 seating American Airlines starts from the 11th-row seats. The seats 13ABC and 13DEF don’t recline that far because of the exit row behind them.

While the exit is a downside for the 13th-row seats, it is a bonus for the seats 14ABC and 14DEF — it brings more leg space. Due to the comfort, they usually require additional charges.

The seats 27AB and 27DEF, as shown in the American Airlines A319 seat map, leave a lot to be desired. They don’t recline fully because of the lavatory behind them and reduced legroom.

In the same vein, seats 26C and 26D are also inconvenient. Also, they are close to the lavatory and galley, meaning the area is usually crowded with people waiting to use the lavatory.