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American Airlines A321 Seat Map

american airlines a321 seat map

AA Airbus A321 Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
First 62″/82.5″ 21″ 1-5 10
Business 58″/75″ 19″ 6-10 20
Main Cabin Extra 35″ 17.3″-17.7″ 11-16 36
Economy 31″ 17.3″-17.7″ 17-22 36

Amenities Key

Amenities Key seat map

AA A321 Seat Map: Overview

An American Airlines A321 seat map shows a magnificent 181-passenger airplane, mainly used for domestic tours within the United States. The Airbus A321 holds ten seats for First Class in a 1-1 layout and 20 seats for Business Class in a 2-2 format. Both Economy Class seats and Main Cabin Extra are arranged in a 3-3 configuration.

Looking at the American Airlines Airbus A321 seating, its First Class section features HD touchscreen monitors with access to over 15 games, 350 audios, and 150 TV channels. The airline now has Apple TV+ showing original shows and documentaries.

WiFi service works for portable devices, with download speeds fast enough to stream videos smoothly. It also comes with a USB port and enough storage space to keep your books and laptop. Also, every passenger can charge their devices by plugging into the AC outlets.

Passengers of the Airbus A321 American Airlines will have an excellent time en route to their destination with the audio selections. They can stream entertaining content on their electronic devices.

Aboard American Airlines Airbus A321, meal service depends on how long the flight lasts. Top-notch feeding is provided in the First Class section, while the others get cookies and snacks. Non-alcoholic drinks are free for all, but alcohols are only free for the First Class and Main Cabin Extra flyers.

Airbus A321 Seating American Airlines: Best Seats

First Class

Four rows of American Airlines A321 First Class are laid out diagonally. The 2nd and 3rd-rows are great seating positions because of their decent leg space. Though the 1st-row seats share this advantage, they are not the best owing to their nearness to the galley and narrow overhead storage compartment.

Business Class

This section on the Airbus A321 from American Airlines is quite different from the Main Cabin Extra and the First Class cabin. 5ABC, 5DEF, and 6F are a bit discomfiting due to their limited leg space. And seats 8ABC and F, and 9DE do not recline because they have the exit row that must be clear behind them.

Main Cabin Extra

The Airbus A321 seating American Airlines has distinct standard seats in Main Cabin Extra that provide 5 inches of legroom. They can be reserved for a supplementary fee, depending on the flight duration.

According to the American Airlines Airbus A321 seating chart, 15A and F, 14F, 13F, 15A, 14A, and 13A don’t align with their windows. Flyers sitting in 10ABC in this cabin will enjoy ample legroom.

Economy Class

The American Airbus A321 has Economy seats with widths ranging from 16.3 inches to 17.7 inches, while the pitches are between 31 and 32 inches. The best ones are 23F and 23A, with plenty of leeway for passengers to kick up their feet.

Limited recline and closeness to the toilets and galley make seats 34A through F the worst in the AA Airbus A321. Likewise, 20ABC, 20D, 21DEF, and 33CD are near the lavatories, taking some comfort away from their occupants.