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Boeing 737-800 American Airlines Seat Map

boeing 737 800 american airlines seat map

Boeing 737-800 American Airlines Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
First 40-42″ 20.4″ 3-6 16
Main Cabin Extra 34-40″ 17.1-17.3″ 7-9, 14-15 30
Economy 31″ 16.9-17.3″ 10-13, 16-30 114

Amenities Key

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American Airlines 737 800 Configuration

The Boeing 737 800 American Airlines seat map shows a 160-passenger cabin ideal for domestic flights. There are two versions of this aircraft with 16 recliner seats for the First class, 30 Main Cabin Extra seats, and 114 regular ones for Economy travel.

Main Cabin Extra seats in the American Airlines 737 800 are towards the front of the cabin. Their occupants will board and deplane first and have up to six inches of additional leg space. Monitors stationed behind seats will entertain the passengers on this airplane, though at the expense of some legroom.

Passengers can listen to music, watch movies, and play games on American Airlines Boeing 737-800 flights. The entertainment monitors or portable devices make that possible. All mobile devices can connect to an in-flight complimentary WiFi service, and passengers can use the internet at an additional cost. In the Boeing 737 800 seat map, American Airlines Economy class seats share 110V AC power outlets, while First class and Main Cabin Extra travelers enjoy personal AC outlets.

Depending on flight duration and time, passengers can expect food service in the American 737 800. The First Class cabin gets choice dining, complimentary beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages. The Main Cabin Extra seats get complimentary liquor. They also get snacks like cookies and non-alcoholic drinks like the Main Cabin. Main Cabin passengers may buy liquor, and every passenger can purchase snacks on flights lasting longer than 2 hours and light foods if flying over 3 hours.

Boeing 737 800 Seat Map American Airlines

In the Boeing 737 800, American Airlines’ first-class sections get recliner seats while the Main Cabin Extra and Economy class use standard Boeing seats. There are 16 First class seats, 30 Main Cabin Extra ones, and 114 Economy seats.

First Class

The first 16 seats from the front of the American Boeing 737 800 are the First Class seats. They are arranged in pairs on either side of the fuselage. These seats are labeled 1A to 4F but have no floor storage and sometimes less space in the overhead bin. The last row has no bulkhead.

Main Cabin Extra

In the Boeing 737 800 American Airlines seat map, two Main Cabin Extra sections are split by 30 Main Cabin seats. The Main Cabin Extra seats in the American Airlines 737 800 are from 8A – 10F and 16A – 17F. Seats 10A and 10E are frequently reserved, with an extra fee for booking them. The first half of the Main Cabin Extra is behind the First Class section. The second half is located in an exit row, with seats 15A ‒ F having the best leg space in the cabin.


Looking at the Boeing 737 800 seat map, American Airlines reserved standard seats 11A ‒ 15F and 18A ‒ 33F for the Economy class. Seats 12A and 12F lack windows, while seats 32C, 32D, and the 33rd row are bad seats because they don’t recline far enough and are close to the toilets and galleries.