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Boeing 787-8 Seat Map American Airlines

boeing 787-8 seat map american airlines

American Airlines 787-8 Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
Business 60-61/ 77″ 21″ 1-5 20
Premium Economy 38″ 18.5″ 6-9 28
Main Cabin Extra 35-36″ 17.2″ 10-20 48
Main Cabin 31″ 16.2-18.1″ 21-31 138

Amenities Key

Amenities Key seat map

Boeing 787-8 Seat Map American Airlines: Overview

The Boeing 787-8 American Airlines plane is a 234-seater with four classes. The Main Cabins are similar to the standard Economy classes in other aircraft, while the Premium Economy provides slightly more comfort for passengers.

In the American Airlines 787-8 seat map, the 20 seats in the Business section can recline 180 degrees. The Premium Economy cabin also has recliner seats, while the 48 seats in the Main Cabin Extra have more legroom than the 138 Main Cabin seats.

But when it comes to entertainment, passengers across the four cabins enjoy the same experience. There are seat-back screens for selecting and playing music. Alternatively, passengers can stream on their phones and laptops. These monitors display movies, TV programs, and available video content.

Looking at the Boeing 787-8 seat map American Airlines has provided AC ports for all passengers on the plane, which are handy for charging devices. But not everybody on the American Airlines Boeing 787 8 has access to its WiFi. Only those that paid for daily or monthly passes can enjoy the service.

Premium Economy and Business cabin passengers get the best pickings of meals. Over long distances, Main Cabin passengers get free meals; on shorter domestic flights, they can buy snacks and other confections. Everyone aboard the American Airlines 787 8 gets free non-alcoholic drinks, while those in Business, Premium Economy, and Main Cabin Extra can enjoy alcoholic drinks. Main Cabin passengers only get complimentary alcoholic drinks on long-distance flights.

American Airlines 787-8 Seat Map: Best Seats


This Boeing 787-8 seat map American Airlines provided shows the Business cabin’s seats in a comfortable 1-2-1 arrangement. They are broader than the others on the plane and offer extra legroom.

The aisle seats in the American Airlines 787-8 Business Class will be ideal for couples because of their proximity. The seats 1A and 1L are a little too close to the galley and lavatory; the same goes for 1ADH and L.

Premium Economy

Looking at the AA Boeing 787-8 seat map of the Premium Economy, a 2-3-2 arrangement is evident. All 28 seats in this section are recliners.

The seats 6A through 6J are at the bulkhead and a bit too close to the galley and toilets. Additionally, they don’t have floor storage for takeoff and landing.

Main Cabin Extra

Boeing 787 8 American Airlines passengers can choose the best seats on the 10th row in the Main Cabin Extra for an added fee. Although the fixed armrest that houses the entertainment system and tray reduces seat width, it’s not too awful. They have enough room for passengers to stretch their feet.

Passengers in the 11th row and all Main Cabin Extra aisle seats also enjoy extra legroom and can book them at added costs. The rest are standard Economy ones.

Main Cabin

The Main Cabin in the AA 787-8 seat map has the same configuration as the Main Cabin Extra. The seats 20A and 20L are bad because they are at the sides behind an exit row, and the plane’s door will reduce legroom. Their widths are also narrower, close to the galley, and lack floor storage.

The rest follow the standard Economy style. The last row contains bad seats with limited recline, potentially less personal space, and an uncomfortable closeness to the toilet and galley.