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Boeing 787-8 American Airlines Seat Map

Author: Amelia Wright

American Airlines 787 Overview

American Airlines 787

The Boeing 787-8 American Airlines presents its Premium Economy aircraft, an elevated experience above Economy Class, offering wider seats, extra legroom, and improved inflight service.

The seating arrangement on the 787-8 American Airlines is diverse, catering to various passenger preferences. It comprises fully lie-flat seats in Business Class (Flagship Business on international routes from the USA) for ultimate comfort and luxury. The Premium Economy section offers 28 recliner-style seats, providing passengers with a higher level of relaxation. For those seeking more legroom, there are 48 Main Cabin Extra seats available, while the standard Main Cabin consists of 138 seats for a comfortable and straightforward travel experience.

All seats of the Boeing 787 American Airlines come equipped with touch-sensitive inflight entertainment monitors, ensuring passengers have access to various entertainment options that can be streamed directly to their personal portable devices.

Travelers can enjoy a diverse range of entertainment, from music selections to a variety of films, television programs, and video games, accessible through the seat-back monitors or by streaming to their own devices.

AC power outlets are available to all seats across all classes on this aircraft, allowing passengers to stay connected and charged throughout their journey.

Experience the convenience of Wi-Fi service on select routes of the 787 American Airlines, enabling passengers to connect their personal portable devices. For those seeking internet access, the option is available for a fee. Prior to the flight, passengers can conveniently purchase daily or monthly passes.

The airline takes pride in its thoughtful approach to the food service, tailoring it to suit each flight’s specific route, duration, and time of day. This ensures that passengers receive a satisfying and enjoyable dining experience.

Passengers in Flagship Business and Premium Economy classes are in for a treat with premium dining experiences during their journey. On long-haul foreign trips and certain transcontinental flights in the United States, main cabin travelers are pleasantly surprised to receive free multi-course meals.

Refreshing non-alcoholic beverages are provided complimentary on all flights operated by the 787 Dreamliner American Airlines. Additionally, passengers in Flagship Business, Premium Economy, and Main Cabin Extra receive complimentary beer, wine, and a variety of spirits to enhance their journey.

For some long-haul international flights, even standard Main Cabin passengers can enjoy complimentary alcoholic drinks. However, on other flights, these beverages are available for separate purchase.

American 787 (787-8) Seat Map

boeing 787-8 seat map american airlines

American Airlines 787-8 Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
Business 60-61/ 77″ 21″ 1-5 20
Premium Economy 38″ 18.5″ 6-9 28
Main Cabin Extra 35-36″ 17.2″ 10-20 48
Main Cabin 31″ 16.2-18.1″ 21-31 138

Amenities Key

Amenities Key seat map


The AA 787-8 Business Class section boasts a generous pitch/bed length of 60 to 61 inches, ensuring ample space for passengers to stretch out and enjoy a restful sleep during the flight. The seats are 21 inches wide. The seating layout follows a 1-2-1 pattern, offering each passenger direct aisle access and a private and exclusive atmosphere.

All seats in this American Airlines 787 Business Class cabin can be transformed into fully-flat beds, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable experience for passengers.

Seats 1AL are situated at a bulkhead, providing supplementary space for leg extension due to their strategic location. However, passengers of the American Airlines 787-8 Business Class should be aware that the proximity to the galley and lavatory might lead to some inconvenience or disturbance during the flight.

Similarly, seats 5ADHL on the American Airlines 787 Business Class seat map are located behind the galley and lavatory, which might result in some noise and traffic in the area. While these seats offer the advantage of being close to the facilities, passengers should consider the potential disruptions when selecting their seats.

Premium Economy

In the AA 787 Premium Economy section, passengers can enjoy a generous pitch of 38 inches. The seats are 18.5 inches wide, offering a pleasant and spacious seating experience. The seating arrangement follows a 2-3-2 pattern, providing a good balance between privacy and socialization for flyers.

In the American Airlines 787-8 Premium Economy section, most seats offer a comfortable and pleasant experience with no significant drawbacks. However, passengers should be aware of the first row, specifically seats 6ACDEHJL, as they are located at a bulkhead.

Because of safety concerns, there is very limited storage space accessible under these seats during takeoff and landing. Additionally, the proximity to the galley and lavatory might lead to potential disturbances and noise during the flight.

Main Cabin Extra

In the Main Cabin Extra section, passengers can enjoy a pitch ranging from 35 to 36 inches. The seats have a width of 17.2 inches, offering a reasonable amount of space for passengers. The seating arrangement follows a 3-3-3 pattern.

The Main Cabin Extra seats on the AA 787 seat map are interspersed between the regular Main Cabin seats, with no physical separation between the two sections.

Seats 10ABCDEHJKL are regarded as the best options in this cabin of the American 787-8, offering extra space and the option to select them for an additional fee. These seats are strategically located at a bulkhead, providing more legroom for their occupiers. However, passengers should be aware that the tray table and monitor are installed in the fixed armrests, slightly reducing the seat width.

The floor storage compartments are unavailable during takeoff and landing. Passengers should plan accordingly and use the overhead compartments to store their belongings during these phases of the flight.

Seats 18DEH occupy the last row of the forward section on the AA 787-8 seat map, offering extra legroom that can be purchased for an additional fee. However, because of how close they were to the wall of the restroom that was right behind them, the seat back recline might be limited. Passengers should also be aware that the toilets are located behind these seats.

In the 20th row of the Boeing 787-800 American Airlines, the galley is situated very close, which might result in some potential disturbances and noise. On the other hand, seats 20ABCJKL benefit from additional space since there are no seats directly ahead of them. However, passengers should note that the tray table and monitors are installed in the armrests.

Among the seats, 20AL is considered the least desirable due to the protrusion from the exit door, which might slightly reduce the additional legroom in that area.

Main Cabin

In the Main Cabin section on the Boeing 787 seat map American Airlines, passengers will find a pitch of 31 inches, providing reasonable legroom for their journey. The seat width ranges from 16.2 to 18.1 inches, offering varying degrees of comfort. The seating arrangement follows a 3-3-3 pattern, ensuring efficient use of cabin space and facilitating a smooth boarding process.

Seats 18ABCJKL in the Main Cabin section are situated very close to the lavatories, which might cause some inconvenience due to increased foot traffic and noise in that area. Similarly, seats 19ABKL are also close to the lavatories, and their seat back recline could be limited due to the lavatory wall behind them.

In the second section of the cabin on the American Airlines Boeing 787 seat map, seats 21CJ and 30CJ suffer from their proximity to the galleys, which might lead to potential disturbances during the flight.

The last two rows of the American Airlines Boeing 787-8, seats 30DEH and 31ACJL, face a wall behind them, where the lavatory, exit row, and crew seats are located. Passengers seated in these rows should be aware of these factors, which might impact their overall comfort during the journey.

As passengers consider their seating options in the Main Cabin, they should take into account these potential drawbacks and choose seats that align with their preferences for a more enjoyable flight experience.