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Boeing 787 9 Seat Map American Airlines

aa 787 9 seat map

AA 787-9 Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
Business 60-61″/77″ 21″ 1-8 30
Premium Economy 38″ 19″ 9-11 21
Main Cabin Extra 35″ 17.2″ 12-14 36
Main Cabin 31″ 16.2″-17.2″ 15-39 198

Amenities Key

Amenities Key seat map

Boeing 787 9 Seat Map American Airlines: Overview

The Boeing 787 9 plane in the American Airlines fleet is a relatively new aircraft with several features. The AA 787 9 seat map shows 285 seats with top-notch amenities like a personal power port and AVOD (audio video on demand) in every seat.

The 787s are known for having lofty, curving ceilings to add more spaciousness. Onboard the Boeing 787 9 American Airlines uses Panasonic’s Ku-Band WiFi service with a strong connection that is available anywhere. However, the WiFi connection is slow for streaming videos but adequate for sending and receiving essential emails and browsing the web.

The American Airlines Boeing 787 9 seat map design includes a personal video screen, providing passengers with access to hours of entertainment. They can watch about 175 movies and many television series, music, and games. In addition, passengers have access to 5 live channels like CNN, BBC, and Sport24, irrespective of the cabin.

The 787-9 is outfitted with power plugs and USB ports at every seat in every cabin. Also, passengers of the 787 9 are offered one or two meals depending on the distance, with no additional fee for non-alcoholic beverages.

AA 787 9 Seat Map: Best Seats


Passengers who choose the AA 787 9 Business Class have 21 seats to consider. The seats are 21 inches in width and are organized in a 1-2-1 arrangement. They are equipped with enough storage space to ensure the best experience for passengers.

Also, passengers enjoy pods and American Airlines 787 9 Business Class seats that recline into a flatbed. The Passengers in 7DH, 8L, and seat 8A, will not get the best comfort due to the lack of storage and closeness to the lavatory.

Premium Economy

When on a 787 9 American flight, passengers in the Premium Economy Class enjoy 19-inch wide seats with a pitch of 38 inches. They are given extra comfort with the footrests and recline of the seat due to the seat being stretched forward. In this cabin, the lavatory noise may constitute a problem for passengers in the 9th row.

Main Cabin Extra

There are 34 Main Cabin Extra Seats available on the Boeing 787-9 American Airlines, which provides an additional 4 inches of legroom. The seats are available for passengers who would like more legroom. Aside from AAdvantage Platinum and Pro members, booking the main cabin extra requires an additional cost.

In the Cabin Extra, seats 22ABC, 22H, 22D, 22JKL, and 23DEH are not comfortable due to the lavatory. Passengers in other seats crowd the restroom.

Main Cabin

The Boeing 787 9 American Main Cabin has an adjustable headrest for support and passenger comfort. The 3-3-3 seating accommodates 234 people. The seats in the 24th row are uncomfortable as they are in front of the galleys and lavatory.

The 39DEH, 37JKL, and 37ABC are not ideal due to their limited recline. Also, seats 38H, 38D, 37H, and 37D are close to the lavatory; therefore, they are often crowded.