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British Airways 777 Seat Map

british airways 777 seat map

British Airways 777 Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
First 78″ 22″ 1-4 14
Club World 72″ 20″ 10-15 48
World Traveller Plus 38″ 18.5″ 21-25 40
World Traveller 31″ 17.5″ 26-39 122

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British Airways 777 Seating Map: Overview

This British Airways 777 seat map overview is specifically for the British Airways 777 200, one of its most famous versions. The 777 200 has four cabins: the First Class, Club World, World Traveller Plus, and World Traveller. Passengers looking to learn what these cabins look like before booking a ticket can use the British Airways 777 200 seat map.

Depending on the flight time, the departure location, and destination, complimentary meals and beverages are offered to passengers on-flight. Also, improved meal service is presented to Club Europe fliers.

The First Class, Club World, and World Traveller Plus cabins come with an in-seat laptop connector on all British Airways 777 200. Not all seats have laptop power connections on its World Traveller Class.

The British Airways 777 is designed with the passengers’ comfort in mind. All of its seats have an on demand video screen with audiobooks, songs, television programmes, and movies for people looking to enjoy their favorite movies, sports, and reality shows in flight.

BA 777 Seat Map: Best Seats

First Class

Going by the British Airways 777 seat map, the First Class cabin comprises 14 open suites. All the seats are standard with just a few noticeable disadvantages.

The only apparent drawback to some First Class seats that can be seen from the British Airways Boeing 777 seat map, is their proximity to the lavatory. The seats 1AEFK and 4AK are the affected ones.

For passengers traveling with a companion, the middle seats — 1EF, 2EF, 3EF, and 4EF — are ideal. Those by both ends, the seats 1AK, 2AK, 3AK, and 4AK, are primarily quiet and offer excellent privacy.

Club World

The British Airways 777 Business Class seat map shows that the cabin comprises 48 flat bed seats. The seats 10AB and 10JK in the first row have only one noticeable disadvantage — their nearness to the lavatories.

The seats 12A and K have misaligned windows, therefore, passengers looking for a bird’s eye view may consider it unsuitable.

According to the British Airways Boeing 777 seats, seats 15A and K are the most suitable in this cabin. They offer extra legroom, easier access to the aisle, and are most suitable for passengers with babies due to the attached bassinets.

World Traveller Plus

The British Airways 777 seat in the World Traveller Plus cabin is structured in a 2-4-2 layout. Of the 40 seats in the cabin, the 21st row seats are the best. Aside from the extra legroom, they have a footrest attached to offer more comfort to passengers. However, they have reduced width due to the tray table in the armrest.

In this Boeing 777 British Airways plane, the seats 25DEF are the most unsuitable. Aside from their proximity to the lavatory, they have reduced legroom and storage space.

World Traveller

The World Traveller cabin of the British Airways Boeing 777 comprises 122 seats. The seats 26A and K are not the best due to limited legroom, no windows, lack of floor and overhead storage, proximity to the lavatory, and reduced seat width.

As the BA 777 seating plans show, the 26th row has extra legroom, but the seats are not ideal because of their lack of storage, reduced seat width and closeness to the lavatories.

Proximity to the lavatories is also a disadvantage for the seats 39J, 39K, 36ABC. Furthermore, the seat 38H is usually bumped by other passengers; while reduced width is a problem for the seats 36AK, 37AK, and 38A.