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Delta A220 (A20-100) Seating Chart

A220 Delta Overview

Delta Airlines’ fleets are known for their state-of-the-art designs and comfort. The airline surveyed passengers’ thoughts regarding airplane amenities and what they like the most; the Delta A220 is a product of these responses.

There are so many things to like about the in-flight amenities of the Delta Airbus A220. The overhead storage in this aircraft is more expansive than what you will get in most Airlines. Also, there are high-definition displays and charging outlets at every seat to allow you to plug your devices while on the flight. The energy-efficient LED lights add to the already impressive Delta A220 interior.

The aircraft has 12 First Class seats with recliners, 15 Delta Comfort+ seats with increased legroom, and 82 Economy seats. There is no boring time in the cabins. Delta Studio offers the best global songs to keep you entertained. You can select your favorite tunes through your mobile device and in-seat entertainment displays.

Delta Airbus A220 100

There are numerous blockbuster movies, TV shows, cartoons, live TV channels, and games on the Delta Studio for your enjoyment. You can find this Airbus A220 100 Delta entertainment option on the in-seat screens or stream directly to your mobile device.

Aside from the exciting entertainment features, the Airbus A220-100 Delta internet connectivity makes it a dream come through for passengers. Like other Delta fleets, the aircraft uses Gogo 2Ku for internet connection. When you fly with the plane, you can send your emails, chat with your loved ones and co-workers, and stream your favorite shows online.

The availability of meals varies with flight duration, time of day, and location. On flights longer than 900 miles, First Class Delta A220 cabin passengers get premium food service. On the other hand, Economy passengers may buy a variety of meals and snacks, such as sandwiches, wraps, and snack boxes.

In Delta Airbus A220-100 First and Comfort+ cabins, you may help yourself to complimentary beer, wine, and a few other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You may also get them in the Economy cabin for a price.

Delta Airbus A220 100: Best Seats

Delta A220 (A20-100) Seating Chart

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
First 36″ 21″ 12
Delta Comfort+ 34″ 18.6″ 15
Economy 30-32″ 18.6″ 82

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Delta A220 (A20-100) Seating Chart

Delta A220 First Class

The Airbus A220-100 Delta First class is structured in a 2-2 configuration. The cabin features standard recliner seats designed to provide comfort to passengers. The bad seats in this cabin are the first-row seats comprising 1AB and 1CD.

The First row seats are located in the bulkhead; unlike other seats in the cabin, they do not feature floor storage during landing and take-off. Also, their closeness to the restroom and galley makes them unsuitable.

Delta Comfort+

The Comfort+ cabin is behind the Delta Airbus A220-100 First class. The seats in this cabin are structured in a 2-3 layout. This cabin is better than the Economy because of the extra leg space it offers passengers.

The worst seats in the Delta A220-100 Comfort+ are the 10AB and 10CDE in the first row. The tray tables in the armrests make them immovable and reduce the seats’ width. Seat 10C is too close to the aisle; other passengers and flight crew may bump into it repeatedly.

Apart from the first-row seats, others offer passengers a decent travel experience.


The best seats in the Economy cabin of the Airbus A220 Delta are the 16AB and 16CDE. These seats feature extra personal space due to the limited recline of the seats in front. The exit in front of seats 15ABCD gives them additional legroom. Seats 14AB and 14CDE have limited recline due to the exit behind them.

The bad seats in the Delta A220 100 Economy cabin are seats 29CDE. In addition to their restricted reclining, they also have a little personal space and are too near the galley and bathroom.