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Delta A321 Seat Map

delta a321 seat map

Delta Airbus A321 Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
First 36″ 21″ 1-5 20
Delta Comfort+ 34″ 18″ 10-14 29
Economy 31″ 18″ 15-39 143

Amenities Key

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Delta A321 Seat Map: Overview

The Delta Airbus A321 is an aircraft for many intercity and interstate flights in the US. According to the Delta A321 seat map, the plane has three cabins — First, Delta Comfort+, and Economy, with 20, 29, and 143 seats.

Anyone in the Airbus A321 Delta can enjoy Audio and Video on Demand (AVOD) for entertainment. There is also live TV for those who prefer it.

Anyone who wants to charge their laptops or other devices during flights can use the 110V AC outlet reserved for every seat. There are also USB ports next to seats in the Delta Airbus A321 First Class, Delta Comfort +, and Economy.

Passengers aboard this Delta A321 can surf the internet on their laptops and smartphones using the Gogo Service on the lane. The service has different pricing options; however, they can only get access once the aircraft reaches a cruising altitude of 10,000 feet.

The Airbus A321 Delta First Class and Comfort+ cabins include complimentary wines and alcohol, but Economy passengers need to pay if they want them. Food comes as snacks for all cabins depending on how long the journey lasts, and Economy passengers can buy more snacks on longer flights. Delta A321 First Class passengers get the best meals if the flight exceeds 900 miles.

Delta Airbus A321 Seat Map: Best Seats


There are 20 Delta Airbus A321 First Class seats with ample recline room. The seats start from 1A through 5D, with four passengers in every row, and the seats 2A through 5D have an IFE box, which reduces the available storage space under them.

The Delta Airbus A321 First Class seats in the first row have a bulkhead some distance in front, contributing to extra legroom for travelers. However, these first-row passengers may face slight inconveniences because of the closeness of their seats to the galley and lavatory.

Delta Comfort+

Based on the Delta Airbus A321 seat map, from rows 10 to 14 are Delta Comfort+ seats. This cabin’s first row of seats is too close to the bulkhead, limiting space for passengers to stretch their legs. There is a 3-3 configuration for rows 10, 11, and 12 and an exit row behind the seats.

This exit makes the seats 12A and 12F bad because the plane’s door prevents them from reclining; they also lack windows. The seats 13ABCEF immediately after the exit row are good because any passenger can stretch their legs into the exit row. There is no floor storage beneath 14D.


The Delta A321 seat map for the Economy class offers standart rows from the 15th to the 39th. The seats 18A and 18F are reserved ones without windows. Delta Medallion members can book them before check-in.

The seats 24ABCD and 25D are close to the toilet. Meanwhile, the best ones in the Economy cabin are 26DE and 27A because of the extra legroom provided by the exit row up front. The 39th row is the worst because the toilet and galley are behind them.