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Boeing 717 Delta (717 200) Seat Map

Delta Boeing 717 200 Overview

The Delta 717 aircraft is a jet airliner with a narrow body and twin engines for short- to medium-range flights. The plane has a wingspan of 93.5 feet and a body length of 124 feet.

The 717 200 Delta can accommodate 110 passengers in a typical three-class configuration. In-flight entertainment systems on Delta’s Boeing 717-200 provide audio and video options. In addition, a personal seat-back screen with a selection of movies, TV shows, and music channels is provided for each seat.

Large recliner seats, personalized service, excellent snacks on all flights, meal service on flights over 900 miles, expedited check-in, security screening, and baggage delivery are all part of the Delta Air Lines 717 First Class experience. The layout of the First Class cabin is 2-2.

The Delta Comfort+ 20 Seats have upgraded amenities like early boarding, extra legroom, premium snacks (with meals on specific domestic flights), and complimentary alcoholic beverages. The seat arrangement is 2-3. Finally, the Economy class is the plane’s cheapest option, serving complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, and entertainment in a 78-seat main cabin laid out in a 2-3 configuration.

Boeing 717 200 Delta: Best Seats

Boeing 717 Delta seating chart

Delta 717 First Class


The Delta 717 First Class includes 12 reclining seats set in three rows of 2-2 arrangement. Due to the bulkhead in front of seats 1ABCD, these reclinable seats may have limited legroom.

Usually, it might be bothersome to be close to the galleys and bathroom. The First Class Delta 717 seating arrangement handles the proximity to the galley and restroom well. Passengers in this cabin don’t feel discomfort because of the gap between the first row and the restroom.

Because 3B protrudes into the walkway in the Delta Boeing 717-200 seating chart, passengers and crew members may occasionally graze it while walking past.

Delta Comfort+

Out of the 20 seats on the Delta 717 Comfort+ cabin, four in the first row are the cabin’s best, according to the seating map. Because their class is separated from the first-class seats only by a curtain, passengers in seats 10ABDE feel at ease. There is a lot of legroom in front of them.

However, seat 10C has a minor drawback. Passengers and crew members frequently brush against it on the Delta 717 200 seat map because it juts out into the aisle. The rest of the seats in this cabin are standard.

Delta Comfort+


In the Boeing 717 Delta seating chart, the Economy cabin has a 2-3 configuration with seats for 78 travelers. The seats are standard Economy-types, but those in the 19th row have more room for passengers’ legs than those in the exit row behind them. However, they do not recline.

Delta Medallion members may choose these seats while booking or afterwards, and they become accessible to other passengers upon check-in. The seats in the 20th row are less reclined and have no extra room for passengers’ legs. The built-in armrests serve as the tray tables, which narrow these seats. No floor storage exists for these seats’ passengers during takeoff and landing. According to the seat plan, Delta Company has designated seat 20A as the Medallion members’ preferred seat. If it hasn’t been reserved, it becomes accessible to other travelers during check-in.

Boeing 717 Delta seating economy

The seats 21A and 21E on the Delta Boeing 717 seating are the best seats on the plane. They are also regarded as the preferred seats by the Delta Company. The primary benefit for passengers is the additional legroom provided by the emergency exit in front of these seats.

On the other hand, although seats 28B and 28C are standard, their proximity to restrooms could be problematic. Similarly, due to their proximity to the restrooms and limited recline, seats 29ABCDE are bad.