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Delta 757 Seat Map

Delta 757 Seat Map

Boeing 757 Delta Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Seats
First 37-38″ 21″ 24
Economy 31-33″ 17.2″ 136
Economy Comfort 34-35″ 17.2″ 20

Amenities Key

Amenities Key seat map

Delta 757 Seat Configuration

Our Delta 757 seat map will help you get anywhere in the world as comfortable as possible. You will have such extras using Boeing 757-200:

  • possibility to order food and drinks during the flight;
  • convenient lockers above seating for luggage storage;
  • three sections for passengers.

The seats are also equipped with a folding table, which is located on the back of the seat in front of you. For business and first-class passengers, there are charging ports for smartphones, Bluetooth headsets, and other devices. There are monitors on board to watch a movie. To choose the best viewing spots, you’ll also need our Delta 757 seat map.

Delta Boeing 757 First Class Seats

Referring to the Delta Boeing 757 seat chart, the first class can accommodate up to 24 passengers per flight (2-2 within 6 rows).

When choosing the Boeing 757 Delta first class, keep in mind that the first rows are not really comfortable for tall passengers due to their proximity to the bulkheads. There also will be flight attendants constantly walking around because of the position near the galley. By the way, there is no luggage storage during takeoff and landing.

The last (6th) row is the worst in the Delta Boeing 757 first class. You may have difficulty reclining in your seat, and the proximity to the restroom and galley may bother you throughout the flight.

Delta Boeing 757 Economy Comfort Seats

The Delta 757 seating map will also assist in determining which premium economy seats to choose or forego. Up to 20 seats are available for purchase. The 19D and 19E seats have more legroom, so they’re great for tall people. But there is also a drawback: the proximity to the exit makes these areas colder. Also, the 19F seat has limited legroom because of the exit door.

The 20th row is quite convenient and has no special restrictions except for the galley location. Don’t want to be bothered by flight attendants? Seat 20A is not for you. 21ABC seats are not a good choice. The narrower seat width, proximity to the galley, and insufficient legroom are all vexing. Keep in mind that the 22nd row has no windows (seats A and F).

Delta 757 Economy Seats

The Boeing 757 delta seating in economy class can accommodate up to 136 passengers. Seats 25 DF are not the comfiest because of the impossibility of reclining the back of the seat.

The next 26th row, based on the Boeing 757 Delta seating, is relaxing for tall people. If you usually don’t have enough legroom, this row is for you. You should be ready for a reduced ability to lean the backrest. The 27th row is an outstanding choice. You will get everything you need for a pleasant flight.

Tickets for seats 44C and 44D, as well as row 45, should be avoided if you do not want to sit next to the restroom. Another drawback of the last (45th) row is the inability to recline the back because of the wall behind.

Delta Boeing 757-200 (757) Overview

Delta Airlines has a formidable fleet of over 160 Boeing 757-200 aircraft, which are operated in nine different configurations. This versatile aircraft has proven to be a dependable workhorse in Delta’s fleet and is utilized on various routes throughout North America. With its long-range capabilities, the 757-200 is a popular choice for both domestic and international flights, making it a reliable option for Delta’s ever-growing passenger base.

Despite being in service for several decades, the 757 200 Delta remains a favorite among pilots and passengers alike, owing to its comfortable seating arrangement, spacious cabin, and fuel efficiency. Delta’s investment in this aircraft has enabled the airline to offer a superior flying experience, while also maximizing profitability by reducing operational costs.

This aircraft offers a total of twelve audio entertainment channels for passengers to enjoy during their flight. It’s worth noting that this particular aircraft requires the use of two-prong headphones, so passengers may need to purchase an adaptor or use the option to buy headphones on board for $2. Passengers on this aircraft will find video monitors conveniently positioned on the ceiling throughout the cabin, for flights that exceed four hours in duration.

Delta Boeing 757-200

Delta 757-200 provides access to the internet via the Gogo service, which is available for both laptops and mobile devices. However, passengers will only be able to access the internet once the aircraft has reached a cruising altitude of 10,000 feet.

Food service availability varies based on route, flight duration, and time of day. Light snacks are complimentary for all classes, with premium meals offered in Boeing 757-200 Delta First on most flights greater than 900 miles. Alcoholic beverages are free in First and Delta Comfort+, and available for purchase in Economy.

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Delta Boeing 757-200 (757) Overview


The Delta 757-200 First Class features 24 recliner seats in a 2-2 configuration, providing a spacious and comfortable experience for passengers. The seats themselves are upholstered in plush leather, with additional features including a fully extendable footrest and ample legroom, making it easy to stretch out and relax during the flight. Additionally, the First class cabin is located at the front of the aircraft, providing quick and convenient access to the plane’s exit upon arrival.

Due to their proximity to the galley, the first row seats on this aircraft may be subject to some noise and activity during the flight. Additionally, passengers seated in these rows will not have access to floor storage during takeoff and landing.

Furthermore, the first row seats are located near the bulkhead, which may result in restricted legroom for some passengers. Despite these potential drawbacks, the first row seats do offer the advantage of being the first to disembark upon arrival.

Delta Boeing 757-200 First Class

The final row of the section on the 757-200 Delta First Class is the sixth row, and these seats have limited recline. Additionally, passengers in this row may experience some noise or activity due to their proximity to the galley and lavatory.

Delta Comfort+

Delta Comfort+ is a premium economy cabin that offers passengers an enhanced travel experience. On Delta 757-200, the Delta Comfort+ cabin is located between First class and Economy class, providing passengers with extra legroom and additional amenities.

The Delta Comfort+ cabin on this aircraft features 21 seats in a 3-3 configuration, with a seat pitch of 35 inches, providing ample legroom for passengers.

Passengers seated in 19DE and 21ABC on this aircraft may experience restricted legroom due to their proximity to the galleys. Additionally, the tray tables are located in the armrests, which can reduce seat width and make it immovable. Furthermore, passengers in these seats will not have access to floor storage during takeoff and landing, which can be inconvenient for those with carry-on items.

Seat 20D on this aircraft is situated near the galley as well. Seats 22AF are considered the least desirable in this cabin as they do not have windows.


Economy class on 757-200 Delta is the standard seating option for passengers who prefer more affordable air travel. This cabin features a total of 135 seats in a 3-3 configuration with a seat pitch of 31-33 inches.

Seats 25D and 25F are non-reclining. However, the seats in the ABC position in this row can recline.

Row 27 is considered the best due to its proximity to the emergency exit located in front of it. This allows for extra legroom and may be particularly appealing for passengers who value more space during their flight.

Seat 44D is located in close proximity to the lavatory, which could potentially result in some disturbance. Additionally, this seat does not have any overhead luggage storage due to the presence of flight emergency equipment.

The last row, row 45, on this aircraft is generally considered the worst. The seats in this row have limited recline due to the wall located behind them, and are also located in close proximity to the lavatories. Passengers may experience inconvenience if they have carry-on items, as there is no overhead luggage storage available due to the flight emergency equipment here.

Boeing 757-200 Delta (75D) Overview

The 757 200 Delta (75H) is equipped with a three-class layout.

The aircraft has AVOD, offering each seat over 4100 MP3s, the option to create playlists, and access to regular radio stations. Passengers can bring their single-prong headphones or purchase them for $2. Additionally, it provides access to various HBO movies, series, specials, satellite networks, and games.

The aircraft provides standard 110V AC power ports and USB power ports at each seat for recharging electronic devices. Gogo internet service is available for laptops and mobile devices once the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet cruising altitude.

Food options vary depending on route, flight length, and time of day. All classes offer complimentary light snacks, while Delta 757 200 First Class has premium meal service for flights over 900 miles. On flights over 900 miles, Economy Class passengers can purchase sandwiches, wraps, snack boxes, and other items. Non-alcoholic beverages are free, while alcoholic drinks are complimentary in First and Delta Comfort+ and available for purchase in Economy.

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Boeing 757-200 Delta (75D) Overview


The Delta Boeing 757-200 First class (75H) features 20 recliner seats arranged in a 2-2 configuration. These seats offer a pitch of 37 inches and a width of 21 inches.

First row near galley and lavatory, could be good for quick access but noisy and disruptive. More foot traffic in the aisle. Other seats in the cabin are standard.

Delta Comfort+

Delta Boeing 757-200 Comfort +

The Delta Comfort+ seats on the Boeing 757-200 75H aircraft are configured in a 3-3 layout and offer up to 4 inches of additional legroom compared to the main cabin seats. They also feature adjustable headrests and legrests, as well as enhanced seat recline for greater comfort during the flight.

Such Delta 757 200 seats as 16CDEF and 17C are situated in proximity to the lavatories. Due to the presence of an exit door behind it, seat 17A has a restricted recline range. Moreover, the window of this seat is misaligned.

Seats 18DE and 19A have limited legroom as a result of the exit door located in front of them. Additionally, the tray table of these seats is situated in the armrest, which makes it immovable and reduces the overall seat width. Another downside to these seats is that there is no floor storage available during takeoff and landing.

Seats 19BCF offer extra legroom due to the absence of a seat in front of them.


The seats located in rows 25 and 26, namely 25ACDF and 26ABCDEF, are classified as Preferred seats. However, they come with a few limitations. Due to the proximity of the exit row, these seats have a restricted recline range to ensure that passengers can quickly evacuate the aircraft in case of an emergency.

Similarly, the seats in row 27 are also classified as Preferred seats and offer additional legroom due to the proximity of the exit row in front.

According to the Delta 757 200 seating, seats 22AF do not have a window. Seats 44CD and the last row (row 45) are situated very near to the lavatory and galley, which may cause some inconvenience or disturbance to passengers occupying these seats.

Delta 757-200 (75G) Overview

The aircraft operated by Delta Airlines offers a three-class configuration, consisting of 20 recliner seats in Boeing 757-200 First Class Delta, 21 seats in Delta Comfort+ class, and 128 seats in standard Economy Class.

Delta Airlines offers Gogo internet service for laptop and mobile devices once cruising altitude is reached. Passengers receive complimentary light snacks on all flights, while premium meals are offered in First on flights over 900 miles. On longer Economy flights, sandwiches, wraps and snack boxes can be purchased. Non-alcoholic drinks are complimentary. First and Delta Comfort+ passengers can also enjoy complimentary alcohol, while Economy passengers can purchase drinks.

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Delta 757-200 (75G)


The Boeing 757-200 Delta First Class cabin (75G) offers seats in a 2-2 configuration. These seats provide a comfortable and spacious experience for passengers, with a pitch of 37 inches and a width of 21 inches.

The last row (row 5) on Delta Airlines’ Boeing 757-200 (75G) has a few drawbacks due to its proximity to the galley and lavatory.

Delta Comfort+

The 757 200 Delta (75G) features 21 Delta Comfort+ seats in a 3-3 configuration. These seats offer additional legroom compared to standard Economy Class seats, with a pitch of 35 inches.

The seats located in rows 10 and 11 (specifically 10ABC, 11DEF) on Delta Airlines’ Boeing 757-200 (75G) are positioned near the galley. While the 10th row benefits from extra legroom due to the proximity of the exit door, there is no floor storage available during takeoff and landing.


Delta Boeing 757-200 Economy

Delta Airlines’ Boeing 757-200 (75G) features 128 Economy Class seats in a 3-3 configuration. Each seat offers a pitch of 30-32 inches, which is standard for most airlines.

According to the Boeing 757 200 seating Delta, passengers seated in row 26 are situated close to the lavatory, similar to those seated in row 27. However, unlike row 27, row 26 lacks extra legroom due to the presence of the exit door in front. Additionally, there is no floor storage available during takeoff and landing.

The last two rows, 34 and 35, on Delta Airlines’ Boeing 757-200 (75G) are situated in close proximity to the galley. Therefore, passengers who are sensitive to noise or who prefer to have more privacy during the flight may want to avoid these seats.

757-200 Delta (75S) Overview

Delta Airlines’ 75S aircraft version offers a total of 168 seats, including 16 Delta One seats with the flat bed feature, 44 Delta Comfort+ seats, and 108 Economy seats. Passengers in all classes can enjoy Audio Video On Demand (AVOD) at their seat, providing an entertainment experience tailored to their preferences.

Delta Airlines offers power outlets and USB ports at every seat. Internet access is available via Gogo service. Food service varies by flight and class, with complimentary snacks in all classes and premium meals for Boeing 757-200 Delta One seats. Non-alcoholic drinks are free, while alcohol is free in premium classes and on international flights.

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757-200 Delta (75S)

Delta One

The Delta One 757-200 (75S) offers a fully flat-bed experience with a 76-inch pitch and 22-inch width. The seats on the 75S are arranged in a 2-2 configuration and are positioned to face the windows.

The first row and the fourth row are situated in close proximity to the galley. This could potentially be disruptive to their overall flying experience.

Delta 757-200 Delta One

Delta Comfort+

Delta Comfort+ seats on Boeing 757-200 Delta (75G) are located in the front section of the Main Cabin, between First Class and Economy. These seats offer more legroom and additional amenities compared to standard Economy seats. Delta Comfort+ seats feature a 3-3 configuration and offer up to 4 inches of extra legroom.

The 18 and 19 rows of seats have an exit door located in front of them, but 19BC stands out with its extra legroom.


The Economy Class seats on Delta 757-200 version 75S are arranged in a 3-3 configuration. Seat pitch ranges from 31 to 33 inches, and seat width is 17.2 inches. The last row 44 is near the galley and lavatory, and as a result, may experience more foot traffic and noise. The 34th and 35th rows are also near the lavatory. However, row 36 does have extra legroom due to the exit door. No floor storage is available during takeoff and landing.

757 200 Delta (75P) Overview

The 75P features 20 Boeing 757-200 Delta One flat-bed seats, 41 Delta Comfort+ seats, and 132 Economy seats. Passengers can enjoy AVOD with access to over 4,100 MP3s and the ability to create personal playlists, as well as HBO movies, series, specials, 18 satellite networks, and games. Gogo internet service is available once the aircraft reaches cruising altitude of 10,000 feet, and passengers can register for a free Gogo account at gogoair.com to access it faster.

The food service depends on route, length of flight, and time of day, and complimentary light snacks are available in all classes. Economy passengers on non-domestic US flights and select US routes can enjoy complimentary meals, while sandwiches, wraps, snack boxes, and other items are available for purchase on U.S. domestic flights over 900 miles. Non-alcoholic beverages are free, while beer, wine, and spirits are complimentary in First, Delta Comfort+, and for non-domestic US flights. On domestic US flights, alcoholic beverages can be purchased in Economy.

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757 200 Delta (75P)

Delta One

The Delta 757-200 Delta One cabin on this version, 75P, features 20 flat-bed seats in a 2-2 configuration, offering a spacious and comfortable experience for passengers traveling in this premium class.

While the first row of 757-200 Delta One seats may seem like the most desirable, it is important to note that it is located near the lavatory, which could result in more foot traffic and potential noise, potentially impacting the overall flying experience.

Delta Comfort+

Delta Comfort+ seats are configured in a 3-3 configuration in the Delta 757 200 interior and feature a seat pitch of 35 inches, which provides an extra 4 inches of legroom compared to the standard Economy seats. The seats also come with adjustable headrests and additional recline.

Seats 16CDEF and 17C are located near the lavatory. These seats may experience increased disturbance from people walking by and noise from the lavatory area, potentially impacting the overall comfort of the passenger. The same problem applies to seats 18DE. In addition, these seats have tray tables in the armrests, which limits their movement and reduces the overall seat width. Furthermore, there is no floor storage available for passengers in these seats.

Despite having additional legroom, seats 19ABCF also share the same limitations.


The seats in the Economy class are arranged in a 3-3 configuration and have a pitch of 31 inches and a width of 17 inches.

Row 35 on the Delta Airlines 757 200 is located in close proximity to the toilets.

Row 36 has an escape door that allows for more legroom. The closeness of lavatories, on the other hand, may result in greater foot traffic and noise. Additionally, the tray table design restricts the movement of armrests, resulting in reduced seat width. Furthermore, there is no floor storage available during take-off and landing.

The proximity of the galley can be an issue for rows 43 and 44. Additionally, the last row of seats may not recline fully, which can impact overall comfort during the flight.