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CRJ 900 Delta Seating Chart

Delta CRJ900 Overview

The Delta CRJ 900 is a jet aircraft used for shorter flights within the United States and Canada. Delta Connection, a partnership of regional airlines that operate under the Delta brand, is responsible for its operation. Based on the seating chart, there are a few different seating arrangements, which can carry up to 76 passengers.

Delta Air Lines and its partner airlines fly the Delta Canadair regional jet 900. It can fit anywhere from 76 to 90 passengers in its seats, depending on how it is set up. The Main cabin and the Delta One cabin are the two cabins on the aircraft.

CRJ 900 Delta

There are typically eight rows of seats in the main cabin, arranged in a 2 – 2 pattern. Two seats are on the left side of Canadair regional jet 900 Delta in row 1, followed by two on the right side in the aisle.

The First Class cabin offers a variety of amenities to enhance the travel experience in addition to comfortable seats. Pillows, blankets, and headphones for in-flight entertainment are provided to passengers in this cabin. They are also offered complimentary meals and beverages, including alcoholic drinks.

The main cabin seats of the CRJ 900 Delta have a width of 17 inches and a pitch of 31 inches — the distance between one seat and the seat in front of it. These seats are good for short-to-medium-haul flights and are considered standard economy class seats.

The CRJ 900 Delta Economy seat offers a few basic amenities to keep passengers entertained. A personal TV screen with a selection of games, movies, and television shows is provided for each seat. Each seat also has USB ports and outlets, making it simple to charge devices and stay connected.

CRJ900 Delta: Best Seats

CRJ 900 Delta Seating Chart

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Rows Seats
First 37″ 19.6″ 1-4 12
Comfort 34″ 17.25″ 5-9 20
Economy 31″ 16.85-17.17″ 10-20 44

Seat map key

CRJ 900 Seating Delta

Delta CRJ 900 First Class

Four rows of 12 seats are in the CRJ 900 Delta First Class cabin. It indicates that each row has two seats, 1BC, 2BC, 3BC, and 4BC. On the right and one on the opposite side of the aisle has 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A. The single seats are excellent if you are traveling by yourself.

In the First class, the Delta Connection CRJ 900 has ample legroom. The two-seat sides will be your best bet if you travel together as a couple. Seats in the First class are in ACD 1 – 4 and have a configuration of 1 – 2.

As a result, the First class can hold up to 12 passengers. Passengers traveling alone and requiring more privacy must choose seats in rows 1 – 4. The C and D seats in rows 1-4 are ideal for couples traveling together.

The best seats on the seating map are 2 – 4A; because it has under-seat storage, your seat will have enough fold-out armrests, and there isn’t constant traffic from people using the restroom.

Delta Comfort

Regular Delta travelers may be familiar with the Canadair RJ 900 Delta comfort seating. Is this upgraded seating option with additional amenities and a little more legroom worth the extra cost? Let’s take a closer look at it.

Seats in ABCD 5 – 9 offer both class and Comfort. These seats have a 2AB – 2CD seating arrangement. These seats have a width of 17.25 inches.

In Comfort, the CRJ 900 Seating Delta has adequate legroom. The additional 3 inches of legroom provided can make a significant difference during extended flights. Comfort Plus has 20 seats in 5 rows on the Delta CRJ900.

Each row has four seats ABCD, two on each side of the aisle. Comfort’s best seats on the Delta CRJ900 are on the right side, just behind first class.

Delta Economy

The Economy seats on the Delta Connection CRJ 900 are nothing special. There are 44 or 38 Economy seats, depending on the aircraft’s configuration. Economy class seats are in 11ABCD behind the Comfort plus seats.

Passengers in the 12ABCD will, on the one hand, benefit from additional legroom due to the seats’ location between two exit rows; on the other hand, these seats offer less recline than standard seats. Due to the extra legroom, passengers in the seats in the 13ABCD will feel at ease.

The best seats in the main cabin are in these. The exit rows of the Delta Canadair RJ 900 have the best Economy seats. Particularly row 13, which can recline and has a lot of legroom.

Although there is ample legroom in row 12, the seats do not recline. The seats in the 20ABCD are bad because of the noise from the restrooms behind them.