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Emirates A380 Seat Map

emirates a380 seat map

Emirates Airbus A380 Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
First 86/78″ 23″ 1-4 14
Business 48/70″ 18.5″ 6-26 76
Economy 32/34″ 18″ 43-88 399

Amenities Key

Amenities Key seat map

Emirates A380 Seat Map: Overview

This Emirates A380 seat map overview is specifically for the Airbus A380-800 aircraft. This plane in the Emirates A380 fleet comes with a private AVOD (Audio Video on Demand) through the Emirate ICE entertainment platform.

Passengers will have a good time on the flight due to the extensive entertainment systems. All cabins of the Emirates Airbus A380 have an array of audio and music menus, video games, and television shows for passengers to enjoy.

Passengers can go through the Emirates A380 seat map to ensure they know the best seats and the ones to avoid. Every plane’s business and first-class cabin seat has a regular AC power port of 110V. However, a power port is located between seats in the Economy Class. The Emirates A380 seat map can be used to determine which seats are the best and which should be avoided.

The A380 Emirates features a WiFi hotspot. With this internet connection, flights become more enjoyable. However, the internet connection comes with a cost that customers can pay through their credit cards.

Whether on board the Emirates A380 First Class, Business, or Economy Class, you are entitled to a complimentary meal and bar service.

Airbus A380 800 Emirates Seating

First Class

The Emirates First Class A380 comprises 14 suites with seat 1A, 1EF, and 1K occupying the front rows. These seats may be bothersome due to their closeness to the lavatory.

Seats 4A and 4K are also close to the lavatory and galley as well. As a result, they’re not the best.


The Emirates Business Class A380 is just behind the First Class cabin. The seats 6DG in the first row are not ideal due to their location — too close to the lavatory. However, they come with bassinets, ideal for passengers traveling with babies.

As the Emirates A380 Business Class seat map shows, the seats in the cabin are flat bed seats. Aside from the first row seats, other seats are standard Business Class seats with no noticeable disadvantage.

Premium Economy

The Premium Economy Class is behind the Emirates A380 Business Class and is a relatively new addition to the Airbus A380 800 Emirates seating. The cabin is in rows 33 to 40 on the plane’s lower deck. It has two window seats and four in the middle.

The window seats are the most suitable due to their extra legroom and view. Thanks to the bulkhead in front, the 33rd row has enough leg space that other seats lack.


In the Economy Class of the Airbus A380 800 Emirates seating, you can settle for the seats 43ABC and 43HJK. They have extra legroom and are ideal for passengers traveling with infants due to their bassinets. In the Economy Class section, the seats 52A,B, and C and 52HJK are similar to the 43ABC and 43HJK.

The seats 54DEFG are among the best in the Economy Class; they have extra legroom and are also ideal for travelers with babies due to their bassinets. They are similar to the 82DEFG in features.

The worst seats in this cabin are 88ABC and 88HJK due to their limited recline and closeness to the lavatories.