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Hawaiian Airlines A330 Seat Map

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Hawaiian Airlines A330 Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
First 76/76″ 19.5-20.5″ 1-3 18
Economy Comfort 36″ 18″ 1-21 68
Economy 31″ 16.5-18″ 22-47 192

Amenities Key

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Hawaiian Airlines A330 Seat Map Overview

As the Hawaiian Airlines A330 seat map reveals, it is a plane for long-haul travels. The aircraft comes in two distinct compartments, First and Economy Class.

The comfy, one-of-a-kind cabin decor that Hawaiian Airlines is known for is a major selling point. The First cabin, for example, was styled after the breathtaking scenery of Hawaii. There are 260 seats available in Economy Class; while the First cabin comprises 18 seats, all of which recline fully.

The Airbus A330 Hawaiian provides first-rate entertainment to all passengers. A touchscreen in the seatback allows passengers in every cabin to enjoy AVOD.

While relaxing in front of the LCD touch screen display, you may decide to see a film, documentary, music videos or a video game. If you can’t locate the movie, game, or song that catches your attention, just hook up your media player.

Seats in the Hawaiian Airlines A330 First cabin include a larger LCD screen that is iPad-compatible. The LCD display also has a USB port for playing media.

Free meals and snacks are provided on all Asia, South Pacific, and Trans-Pacific flights on Hawaiian Airline Airbus A330. You may expect authentic island tastes and dishes.

Hawaiian Airline Airbus A330-200 Version 1: Best Seats


There are 18 seats on the Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330 First Class seats, organized in three rows of six. The first row of seats has been upgraded to provide for more comfort for passengers. Because of their closeness to the restroom and galley, some first-row passengers may feel uneasy, and there is no space for luggage on the floor during takeoff and landing.

Economy Class

The A330 Hawaiian Economy Class seats are located behind First Class. The first of the cabin’s three parts is structured in a 2-4-2 configuration.

The 13th row seats are great, with the exception that they are near the restrooms and galley. Legroom is much improved on the 11th row compared to the preceding rows. These seats on the Hawaiian airlines A330 seat map may not be to your liking since the built-in tray tables make the armrests rigid and the breadth of the seat less than ideal.

At the back of the plane, near the emergency exit, you’ll find the second part of Economy Class. There are 18 rows here, arranged in a 242 layout

There is the Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330 extra comfort seats in the 14th row. They’re great for parents on a trip with their young children because of the extra legroom they provide. Although these seats are cheaper, they have a number of limitations, including closeness to the galley and restrooms, a lack of overhead compartments, and narrower seats. The seats on the 31st row are terrible since they don’t recline much and are far from the bathrooms.

Due to their location in front of an exit row, passengers sitting in 33CDEG in the last section of the Economy Class on Airbus A330 Hawaiian Airlines will have greater legroom than those in any other seats in the cabin. When passengers are waiting to use the restroom closeby, they tend to congregate around this area, which might be awkward. There is less space between seats because of the tray tables that are built into the armrests.

Seats 34AB and 34HJ must be requested in advance and incur a fee owing to the additional comforts they provide. However, their closeness to the kitchen and restrooms, decreased legroom, and the seat width makes the seats slightly unsuitable.

Because of the plane’s curve, seats AB and HJ in the 43rd and 46th rows are narrow. The 43CEG chairs provide less leg space. Because of the bulkhead, they do not recline very far and, like seats 47AB and HJ, are close to the restroom and galley, adding to their inconvenience.

Hawaiian Airline Airbus A330-200 Version 2: Best Seats


Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330 200 has a Business cabin with 18 flat bed seats that recline 180 degrees in a 2-2-2 layout.

Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330 Business cabin seats are among the most luxurious. A traveler has the option to recline their seat all the way and sleep while on board.

It’s interesting to note that a few of the chairs in this cabin are less than ideal. Due to the possibility of noise from the restroom and kitchen, seats 1BCGH are not the best choice because. Also, there is no space for luggage under the first row seats.


Airbus A330 200 Hawaiian Airlines has a three-class economy cabin. There is extra legroom in First section seats 11CDE and G. Nonetheless, their breadth is somewhat reduced due to the tray tables housed in the armrests.

There is more space for both your feet and your legs in seats 11AB and 11HJ in the 11th row. Since there are fewer people seated in this section, you can expect a rather peaceful trip. The only drawback is that the kitchen and bathroom are close to this section.

There is greater space for legs in seat 12CDEG. It may be inconvenient for some since the kitchen and restroom are near it.

There are 18 rows of seating in the Economy section of the second compartment of the Hawaiian Airbus A330. There is a 2-4-2 layout for the first 17 rows of seats.

There are some of the nicest seats on the aircraft in the 14th row. Because of the bassinets in each seat, they are often reserved by parents transporting newborns. Built-in trays make seating uncomfortable, and under-seat storage is inaccessible during landings and takeoffs.

Seats 30AB, 30C, 30G, 30HJ, and 31CDEG on the Hawaiian A330 are among the least desirable due to their proximity to the bathrooms and the resulting congestion. Seats 42C and 42G are in a particularly inconvenient location in the aisle, therefore they are often unwanted contact from other passengers and staff. Because of their closeness to the restroom, seats 33CDEG, 45C, 45G, 46B, and 46H are likewise undesirable.