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JetBlue A321neo Seat Map

A321neo JetBlue Overview

JetBlue A321neo

On board the JetBlue A321neo, one thing you can expect is comfort. The plane features ample overhead storage space, a seat back monitor and LED cabin lighting. There are 158 seats in the Core and 42 in the more luxurious Even More Space compartment.

JetBlue A321neo interior features seatback entertainment via the LCD touchscreen monitor in each seat. From the monitor, you can access over a hundred DIRECTV channels, movies, and whole seasons of binge-worthy TV series. Also, you can operate the monitor by pairing it with your mobile device.

All seats in the A321neo JetBlue have a USB charging port. Furthermore, passengers in the Even More Space compartment have access to a 110V power port. In the Core, there are two ports for three seats.

Every passenger may use JetBlue’s Fly-Fi service at no cost. They may use the feature to stream their favorite shows and movies or download large files.

Passengers in the JetBlue A321neo aircraft are entitled to non-alcoholic beverages without any charge. Alcoholic drinks are also available for sale.

JetBlue A321neo Seating


Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seating details
Even More Space 35-38 18 42
Core 32 18 158

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Even More Space

The Even More Space JetBlue A321neo Business Class has two parts with the seats in a 3-3 configuration. You will find them before and after the first part of the Core seats. To sit in any of the Even More Space seats, you will pay an additional fee.

The first row seats consisting of 1ABC and 1DEF come with additional leg space, giving passengers more comfort. Still, they have some downsides. For starters, their widths are narrow because of the position of the tray tables on their armrests. Secondly, their proximity to the lavatory and galley could cause discomfort to passengers. Also, no bags may be stored under the seats during landing or departure.

As the JetBlue A321neo seat map shows, the second part of the Even More Space cabin features 18 seats. The first row, 16ABC, and 16DEF, has more legroom than the others. However, their recline is limited due to the exit row behind.

The 17th row, consisting of 17ABC and 17DEF, has the best seats in the Even More Space compartment. The seats feature enough leg space to keep passengers comfortable. Because of the limited recline of the seats in front, they also have enough personal space for passengers.


Like the Even More Space, the Core cabin of the JetBlue A321neo has a 3-3 seat configuration. You can find these seats from the 5th to the 15th row and the 19th to the 34th row.

Aside from the last row seats, 15ABC and DEF, the first part of the Core compartment features standard seats with no noticeable downsides. The downside of these last-row seats is their limited recline due to the exit row behind.

In the second part of the Core cabin, seats 23ABC and DEF have some noticeable downsides. The seats do not recline due to the exit row behind, and they are close to the galley and lavatory.

While the 24th-row seats offer extra leg space, some downsides make them undesirable. The width of the seats is reduced because of the inflight entertainment monitor and tray table on their immovable armrests. The seats do not have floor storage for passengers to keep belongings during landing, takeoff, and taxiing. Also, their proximity to the lavatory and galley could be undesirable to passengers.

As the JetBlue A321 neo seat map shows, 25A is one of the best seats in the cabin. It has extra legroom since there is no seat in front of it. However, its smaller seat width and lack of floor storage space during landing, takeoff, and taxiing could be a problem for passengers. The last row seats, 33DEF and 34ABC, are bad. These seats don’t recline very much but are conveniently located between the food service area and restrooms.