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JetBlue A321 Seat Map

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JetBlue A321 Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
Even More Space 37-41″ 18″ 1-5, 10, 23 42
Core 32″ 18″ 6-9, 11-22, 24-34 158

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Airbus A321 JetBlue Seating Configuration

JetBlue has added the Airbus A321, a more extended version of the famous A320, to its fleet. The JetBlue A321 seat map shows that more passengers can fit into this aircraft, with a carrying capacity of 200.

For the Airbus A321, JetBlue has gone with a 3-3 layout and a revamped cabin experience. Passengers can watch as many as 100 DIRECTV channels on a 6.8-inch LCD screen attached to the seats, improving on the A30’s 36. They also have access to 100 XM Satellite Radio stations in the American continent. Flight times over 2 hours allow passengers to choose from various FOX In-flight Entertainment movies.

Seats in the Even More Space class personal 110V AC power outlets while every three Coach seats share two ports. Each chair in the JetBlue Airbus A321 has a USB port, and passengers get free internet onboard, though weather and other factors can affect it. There are snacks and free non-alcoholic drinks, but passengers can pay for alcoholic drinks.

JetBlue A321 Cabin

Even More Space

The Even More Space seats provide the classic JetBlue A321 first class feeling. This compartment has 44 seats and one extra reserved for a cabin crew member. The seats are 10A to 13F and 22A to 23F. The front row of seats in the fuselage belongs to this class and has 8 inches of added legroom.

The second section of the Even More Space seats has 24 seats, with 10A to 10F in the A321 JetBlue second exit row. This compartment in the Airbus A321 by JetBlue is located behind the Coach seats at the front of the plane. Its occupants get the same experience as those in the first row, only with additional legroom. The first row could have had more legroom if not for the bulkhead and the tray tables, reducing the chair and armrest width.

The last sets of Even More Space seats are the 22nd and 23rd rows. The section has 12 seats, with 11 for passengers and 22D reserved for crew. 22B, 22C, and 22E have ample leg space, whereas the lack of windows and the exit door may inconvenience the occupants of seats 22A and 22F.


According to the seating chart, the JetBlue A321 seat map shows that the 2nd to 9th rows are for passengers using the Coach section. They feature standard economy class seats, and 9A doesn’t recline to prevent blocking access to the exit door behind it. Meanwhile, the 14th to 21st rows are Coach seats, with 21C and 21D not reclining fully.

Seats 24A to 34F in the Jet Blue A321 make up the Coach section. These nine rows feature economy class seats, and the occupants of the 32nd row may experience some inconvenience because of the proximity to the toilet and gallery. Seats 31C and 31D may also share the same experience. The JetBlue A321 seat map also refers to seats 32B to 32E as bad seats because of their limited recline and the proximity to the toilet and gallery.