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Lufthansa A380 Seat Map (A380-800)

Airbus A380 Lufthansa Overview

The world’s largest and heaviest passenger aircraft is the Lufthansa A380, which is Lufthansa’s flagship aircraft. It is also among the most technologically advanced commercial aircraft at the time of writing. The aircraft has a capacity of up to 509 passengers and a wide range of amenities to ensure those passengers’ comfort and enjoyment in-flight.

The Lufthansa A380’s four cabin classes feature distinctive amenities to meet various travel requirements, making them one of its most impressive features. On the upper deck, Lufthansa A380 First Class passengers can access private suites with flatbeds, ample storage space, and individual entertainment screens, giving them an exclusive experience.

Seats in A380 800 Lufthansa Business Class are available on both the upper and lower decks. The passengers in this section can likewise enjoy a comfortable flatbed, individual diversion screens, and extra room, making their movement experience more agreeable and helpful.

Lufthansa A380 Seat Map (A380-800)

The Premium Economy cabin features extra storage space, personal entertainment screens, and wider seats with more legroom. It is on the upper deck, providing passengers with a private and comfortable setting.

According to the Airbus A380 seating chart Lufthansa, Economy Class is the most common choice, accessible on upper and lower decks. Even though it’s the cheapest option, it still gives passengers a good time with personal entertainment screens and adjustable headrests.

Personal entertainment screens, WiFi, power outlets, complimentary meals and beverages, restrooms with hand lotion, mouthwash, face mist, and more are all included in the A380’s amenities. The individual diversion screens admit to many motion pictures, Television programs, music, and games, permitting travelers to remain engaged throughout the flight.

A380 Lufthansa (A380-800) Seating

Lufthansa A380 Seat Map


This Lufthansa Airbus A380 cabin has eight seats in a 1-2-1 configuration and occupies the front end of the upper deck. This First Class cabin is very spacious. For individuals traveling alone or with companions, row one window seats — 1A and 1K — and center seats — 2D and 2G — are the best options. Seats 2A, 2D, 2G, and 2K, which are close to the restrooms, should be avoided by passengers because they may experience more noise and foot traffic.

 Lufthansa Airbus A380

Airbus A380 seating chart Lufthansa


There are 78 flatbed seats in the Lufthansa A380 Business Class cabin, each with a 180-degree recline and two sections. The main segment comprises nine columns with a 2-2-2 setup, all normal. However, due to their proximity to the galleys and restrooms, the seats in this section’s first and last rows, specifically rows 10 and 20, may be bothersome.

A380 Lufthansa (A380-800) Seating

Premium Economy

There are 52 seats in the Premium Economy Lufthansa Airbus A380-800 seating. Seats 50AC and 50Hk in this class’s first row provide additional legroom. However, some discomfort may result from the bathroom’s proximity.

Although seats 52DEFG, located close to the bulkhead, offer additional legroom, their proximity to the stairs leading to the upper deck may be a nuisance. Due to their proximity, passengers in seats 56C, 56DEFG, 57AC, and 57HK may experience inconvenience.

Airbus A380 seating Lufthansa


Based on the Airbus A380 seating Lufthansa, the Economy class on the lower deck is partitioned into three segments, with most seats having a 3-3-3 setup. However, during takeoff and landing, there is no floor storage in the 60th-row seats or seats 61DEFG, and the tray tables in the armrests narrow the seats.
The restrooms may be too close to the seats in 73DEFG and the 74th row for passengers’ comfort.

An emergency exit separates the first section from the second. The seats in the 75th row of the second section have more legroom, but they don’t have any floor storage for when the plane takes off and lands, and the tray tables in their armrests can’t be moved. Unfortunately, other passengers congregate here due to the proximity of the restrooms.

The best seats are 76A and 76K, which have more legroom because no seats are in front of them. Seats 76DEFG, conversely, are closer to the restrooms, narrower, and lack floor storage during takeoff and landing. The only drawback is the 87th-row seats’ proximity to the galleys and restrooms.

There are seven seats in a 3-4-3 layout in the third section, according to the Airbus A380-800 Lufthansa seat map. The seats in the 88th row are slightly narrower than standard, have no floor storage during takeoff and landing, and are close to the galleys. Passengers in rows 93C, 93D, 93G, 93H, and 94th row may find the restrooms too close for comfort.