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Seat Map 747 8 Lufthansa

lufthansa 747 8 seat map

Boeing 747-8 Lufthansa Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
First 83-81″ 31″ 1-3 8
Business 64-78″ 20″ 4-11; 81-88 80
Economy 31″ 17.1″ 16-20; 27-49 244
Premium Economy 38″ 19″ 21-25 32

Amenities Key

Amenities Key seat map

Lufthansa Seat Map 747 8: Overview

As the Lufthansa 747 8 seat map shows, the plane has four-cabin configurations with 364 seats. The First Class cabin has eight seats and is located on the plane’s main deck. The Business cabin of the plane features a flatbed with a seat configuration of 2-2 on the upper deck, and the main deck has a 2-2-2 configuration. The Lufthansa Business Class 747 8 and Economy Cabin have personal monitors.

The Boeing 747 8 Lufthansa has Audio Video on Demand, offering over 400 CDs, 21 radio channels, and audiobooks.

The in-flight amenities in the Lufthansa Boeing 747 8 include 110V AC and USB ports. Passengers will enjoy internet services while on the plane due to FlyNet powered WiFi network. However, charges apply for using the internet services.

Irrespective of the cabin or the flight distance, passengers get complimentary meals and beverages.

Seat Map 747 8 Lufthansa

First Class

As the Lufthansa Boeing 747 8 seat map shows, the First Class cabin comprises 20 seats, arranged in a 2-2 configuration. The first row, 1AB, and 1EF have limited legroom and are too close to the galleys. Also, they have no floor storage for passengers to keep items during landing and take-off.

The seats 5EF has a limited recline, ⅔ of the standard recline. Moreover, the closeness to the lavatory is a disadvantage.

The worst seats, going by the Lufthansa Boeing 747 8 seat map, are 5A and 5B. Aside from their proximity to the lavatory, they do not recline.


Going by the Lufthansa seat map 747 8, the seats from 18D through 18G and the 16th-row seats are unsuitable due to their limited legroom. The seats 20AK are bad due to their limited recline. Also, they are without windows and are too close to the lavatories.

The Lufthansa 747 8 Business Class seat map shows that 20th-row seats have certain disadvantages. These drawbacks include their proximity to the restrooms and limited recline.

Premium Economy

The Premium Economy cabin is located behind the Lufthansa 747-8 Business Class and consists of 32 seats, structured in a 2-4-2 layout. The seats 22AC and HK are suitable due to their extra legroom, thanks to the exit row in front of them. Still, these seats may be unsuitable due to their closeness to the lavatories — people flock to those areas when using the restroom.


The Economy cabin of the Lufthansa 747 8 is located behind the Premium Class, has 23 rows, and is divided into two sections. The first one consists of 7 rows, while the second has 16.

The 27th-row seats have extra legroom, but their armrests are immovable due to the tray tables.

From the Lufthansa seat map 747 8, the seats 32DEFG have closeness to the galleys and may be unsuitable for passengers. Furthermore, the 33rd-row seats have limited recline.

Proximity to the lavatories is also a disadvantage for the seats 47BCHJ, 48DG, the 49th-row seats, 81CH and 88H. Similarly, the seats 47BCHJ and those on the 49th row are considered bad due to their limited recline.