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Qatar A350 Seat Map

Qatar Airways A350 Overview

Qatar A350 Seat Map

The Qatar A350 aircraft is part of the Qatar Airways fleet. From its main base at Hamad International Airport (DOH), the airline serves more than 150 destinations across all continents. The airline’s 146 fleets comprise Airbus and Boeing planes. Qatar Airways operates lounges at Hamad International Airport and London Heathrow Airport for its premium guests.

The Airbus A350 Qatar is mainly used for long-haul travel. It is one of the airline’s two cabin aircraft— Economy and Business. All the seats in the Business cabin have 180 degrees recline, making it ideal for long flights.

As the Qatar Airways A350 seat map shows, the entertainment feature on board is impressive. The Audio Visual on Demand (AVOD) systems, allowing passengers to choose and watch their shows, are available at each seat. There is also an AC power outlet available in each seat.

Passengers can use the WiFi available in Airbus A350-900 Qatar to access the internet, make calls, send messages, and check email. However, this service comes with a charge. All flyers get free meals on board the plane. If you need a special meal due to dietary restrictions, you may call Qatar Airways and make your request.

Qatar Airways offers transportation services for unaccompanied children between the ages of 5 and 12 who are not accompanied by an adult over the age of 16. Furthermore, animals, except falcons and service dogs, must check in at the cargo terminal and cannot travel in the cabin.

Qatar Airbus A350 Seating (A350-900)

qatar a350

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
Business 80″ 22″ 36
Economy 31″-32″ 18″ 247


Qatar A350 Business class

The Business cabin of the A350 Qatar has a premium setting that offers comfort to passengers. The arrangement of seats provides privacy. The seats have a 1-2-1 configuration.
You can rest assured of enjoying your flight regardless of your destination. Passengers in the Qatar A350-900 Business Class can lie comfortably since the seats can recline into flat beds.

While all the seats in the Qatar A350 Business class are comfortable, there are seats you may find undesirable. Passengers may find the first-row seats, 1A, 1EF, and 1K, unpleasant because of their proximity to the galleys and lavatories.

Behind the 6th-row seats, there is an exit row, the bar, and lavatories and galleys. Hence, seats 6A, 6EF, and 6K may not be ideal for most passengers.


The Economy cabin of the Qatar Airways Airbus A350-900 has a unique arrangement that ensures the comfort of passengers. The cabin has a 3-3-3 configuration. The first-row seats, 16AC and 16HK, have less leg space because of the position of the bulkhead. The seats also have reduced width, and during landing and departure, there is nowhere for passengers to put their items on the floor.
Passengers in 17C and 17H of the A350-900 Qatar will enjoy extra legroom since there are no seats in front of them. However, other passengers tend to bump into these seats, which is undesirable. Also, there are no floor storage spaces during landing and takeoff. Additionally, they have smaller widths and immovable armrests because of the tray tables in their armrests. Seats 17DEF are also undesirable because of their smaller width and lack of floor storage during landing and takeoff.

The proximity to the lavatories and galleys makes the 29th-row seats undesirable. Passengers may find seats 30ABC and 30HJK undesirable, though they have extra leg space. The seats are close to the lavatories and galleys; they have smaller widths and lack floor storage during takeoff and landing.

Like the 30th-row seats, seats 31DEF are undesirable because of their proximity to the galley. These seats have immovable armrests, smaller widths, and lack floor storage during landing and takeoff.

According to the A350-900 seat map Qatar, 43ABC, 43HJK, and 44DEF are the worst seats in the Economy cabin. These seats are close to lavatories and galleys, and most passengers find them unpleasant.

As the seat map shows, the Qatar Airbus A350-900 Economy cabin does not have the best seats. All the seats are standard, though some edge others due to their position.