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Boeing 737-700 Southwest Seating

Boeing 737 700 Southwest Seating

Boeing 737-700 Southwest Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
Economy 31″ 17.8″ 1-24 143

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Best Seats on Southwest 737 700: Overview

Southwest Boeing 737 700 seating will help you understand which airliner tickets to buy and which ones to avoid. Southwest Airlines provides the ability to travel cheaply. The Boeing 737-700 is one of the company’s most popular aircraft, which is designed to accommodate the maximum number of passengers in economy class. Let’s take a look at the best places for your trip. For this, we need a Southwest 737 700 seating chart.

If you are tall and need plenty of legroom, the first row is one of the best options. All front row seats have increased legroom for passengers. At once, you will not have luggage storage space during takeoff or landing. Because there are no windows, the 7A and 8F seats are ideal for people who are afraid of flying.

If we look at the Boeing 737 700 seating southwest placement, the disadvantage of the 10th row also lies in the shifted windows. Another significant inconvenience for 10th row passengers is the inability to recline the seat. 11B and 11C have sufficient legroom, but the backs may not tilt well. In addition, trays are built into the backs of row 10 seats.

11DEF seats in the Southwest 737-700 are suitable for those who do not like stuffiness. Usually, the coldest places for passengers are near the exit. Eating during the flight can also be inconvenient due to trays in the backs of the front seats of the 737-700 Southwest. Seat 11F has a downward tilt, which may not be comfortable for everyone.

According to the Southwest 737 700 seat map, the passenger who takes seat 12A will get the most legroom. Because there is no chair ahead, you can stretch your legs and enjoy your flight in great comfort. To avoid being bothered by people going to the galley, avoid purchasing seats 23C and 23D or the last (24th) row.

Southwest 737 700 Interior

Everything is not so rosy with the interior of the Southwest Boeing 737-700. Until 2012, Boeing could accommodate only 137 people. But in 2012, the Southwest Boeing 737 700 seating places were renovated to accommodate up to 143 passengers per voyage. The distance between the rows was reduced. Although the distance was only reduced by an inch, many passengers began to notice that this changed the interior a lot. Such a reconstruction practically did not change the comfortability of the Boeing, but the plane became not so spacious, and it was noticeable to the naked eye.

Furthermore, the ability to lean the chairs has been impacted by this reconstruction. Even if they did not consider passengers with heights above the average, who were already uncomfortable, other people noticed the difference. Now, to feel comfortable, you need to tilt the back of the chair.

Southwest is an eco-friendly company, so its aim was to create a completely eco-friendly environment for the passengers. The Innovator II seat frames have been retained, but the filler has been improved, making the seats softer and more relaxing for long flights. Also included are comfortable headrests.

In addition, given this is an economy class plane, there is no audio and video accompaniment during the flight (no monitors for watching movies, etc.). In any case, the Boeing 737 700 seating Southwest is worth the money you will pay for the ticket.