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Boeing 737 Max 8 Southwest Seat Map

Author: Amelia Wright

Southwest 737 Max 8 Overview

In 2017, Southwest Airlines added the Southwest Airlines 737 Max 8 to its fleet, which resulted in significant shifts in the aviation sector. The Boeing 737 Max 8 is an impressive aircraft with cutting-edge technology and features. It can carry a maximum of 175 passengers and has a range of approximately 3,550 miles.

Travelers onboard Southwest Carriers’ 737 Max 8 can enjoy the comfort of an all-economy class Southwest 737 Max 8 interior design. Each seat is 17.8 inches wide and has a pitch of 32 inches, giving adequate legroom for a pleasant trip. In addition, a personal seat-back entertainment screen provides free access to live television and on-demand movies for each seat.

Southwest 737 Max 8

The 737 Max 8 Southwest in-flight WiFi service enables passengers to remain connected while in the air. Passengers can use WiFi to check their emails, browse the internet, or even stream their favorite movies or TV shows for a fee. Business travelers who need to stay connected throughout their journey will appreciate this convenience.

Onboard, a variety of snacks, sandwiches, and beverages are available for purchase to suit the diverse tastes of passengers. Passengers can choose from various delectable and filling options, whether they want a quick snack or a full meal.

Southwest Boeing 737 Max 8: Best Seats


Boeing 737 Max 8 Southwest Seat Map

The Southwest Boeing 737 Max 8 seat map features a 3-3 seat arrangement and 175 seats in the Economy cabin. Even though this configuration is typical for planes of this kind, a passenger’s height can affect how much legroom they have. Although the Economy pitch, which is 32 inches, is average, some passengers may find it congested, particularly on longer flights.

Consider seats 2ABC in the standard Economy Class section of the Southwest 737 Max 8 seat map if you value extra legroom when flying. They give you more room to stretch your legs. However, the armrest houses the tray table, which cannot be moved and makes the seat slightly narrower. In addition, there is no floor storage available at the beginning and end of the flight.

Seats 1 DEF is another option for passengers who want more legroom in the 737 Max 8 Southwest interior. They are close to a bulkhead, which may give your legs more room. However, similar to 2 ABC, you cannot adjust the tray table, slightly narrowing the seat.

Seats 2 ABC and 1 DEF in the Boeing 737 Max 8 Southwest seating are ideal for travelers focusing on legroom. However, these seats have a few drawbacks that passengers should be aware of, such as their narrow width and closeness to the bathroom and galley. Each passenger’s preferences and requirements will determine the ideal seat on the seat plan.

Seats 13 ABCDEF, in the exit row, might be good choices for passengers who place more importance on legroom than reclining. Even though the seats do not recline, they have more legroom, making the flight more comfortable. Also, the 737 Max 8 Southwest seating shows that positions in the exit rows also have more legroom. Those seats are in front of the 13th, 14th, and 15th rows, limiting their recline.

During the flight, passengers in seats 29CD, according to the seating map, may find the proximity to the galley and restrooms behind them distracting. While these positions don’t offer any extra legroom or lean back, they are standard Economy Class seats in the Southwest Boeing 737 Max 8 interior. Because of their lack of perks, some passengers avoid them.

Finally, seats 30 ABCDEF in Boeing 737 Max 8 interior Southwest Economy may have limited reclining since they are in the aircraft’s last row. These seats are close to the galley and restrooms, which can be noisy during the flight. However, their proximity to the exit may benefit passengers who want to exit the plane quickly upon landing.

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