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Spirit Airbus A320 Seating

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Airbus A320 Spirit Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
Big Front 36″ 20″ 1-2 8
Deluxe Leather 28-34″ 17.8″ 3-31 174

Amenities Key

Amenities Key seat map

Airbus A320 Spirit Configuration

The Airbus A320 is one of the famous aircraft in the Spirit Airlines fleet and is part of the Jet Physical class. Many features improve flight quality for its passengers, and the Spirit Airbus A320 seating arrangement is one of them.

The fuselage design suits different types of passengers, including first-time flyers. Because of the Spirit A320 size, many rows have ample legroom, making long-distance flights bearable and minimizing queasiness. Each seat has an overhead carriage and a pull-out compartment behind it where the passengers behind can store personal effects.

Each seat in the Spirit Airbus A320 has an in-flight entertainment box that entertains passengers through an adjustable display for watching movies and flipping through TV stations. The airplane’s fuselage also has DC power outlets for passengers to charge their mobile phones, music players, and other devices during flights.

If a passenger in the Big Front section of the Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 does not have a power cord or adapter, they need not fret. They can ask the cabin crew for one to enjoy this 15V power outlet. Irrespective of the seat a passenger picks, they can rest assured of a comfortable flying experience and a helpful cabin crew.

Spirit Airlines Seat Map A320

Big Front

The first row of this Spirit Airbus A320 holds four seats: 1A, 1C, 1D, and 1F, which make up the Big Front category and guarantee better amenities and services. According to the Spirit Airbus A320 seating map, the Big Front seats can pitch 37 inches. They are 20.9 inches wide, enough for the average person’s convenience.

However, these seats do not recline and lack floor storage at the beginning and end of flights. They are also close to the toilet and gallery in front of the plane, which can be uncomfortable. Their tray tables fuse with the armrest since there are no seats in front.

Deluxe Leather

Behind the Spirit A320 big front seat row, the economy class called Deluxe Leather is split into three sections. The first ten rows have a 3-3 arrangement, with non-reclining seats. The row of seats immediately after the Big Front offer added legroom, although their cushions are not as wide as the Big Front.

The second part of the Deluxe Leather compartment has a row of six seats. Though these seats do not recline, they have extra legroom, ideal for taller passengers. They are a bit narrower than others and also lack floor storage.

The last section of Deluxe Leather seats lacks reclining, like every other cabin seat, and has slightly less pitch. The seats in the 13th row are in the exit row, giving them more legroom than any other seat on the plane. However, passengers in 13A and 13F may find the protruding door discomforting. Upon boarding the Airbus A320 Spirit, inside, passengers will notice that seats in the 30th row are the farthest from the exit doors. They are also the least comfortable because of their proximity to the gallery and toilets.