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Airbus A321 Spirit Seat Map

Spirit Airbus A321 Overview

Airbus A321 Spirit Seat Map

The Airbus A321 Spirit aircraft boasts a unique cabin layout featuring 8 “Spacious Front“ seats and 220 “Premium Leather“ Economy seats.

The Spirit Airbus A321 distinguishes itself with the distinctive seating arrangement; the seats, while comfortable, do not recline and offer a minimal 28-inch seat pitch, making them the most compact seating configuration among all domestic carriers in the United States. For travelers seeking more comfort, the A321 Spirit offers an exclusive option: two rows of “Spacious Front“ seats located at the front of the cabin. These “Spacious Front“ seats provide an impressive 6-8 inches of extra legroom and wider seating compared to the standard “Premium Leather“ Economy seats, but they do come at an additional cost.

Spirit requires passengers to pay for seat reservations for each one-way segment of their journey. The cost of these reservations can vary based on the trip’s duration and the type of seat chosen on the Spirit Airlines Airbus A321, whether it be an aisle seat, a middle seat, or an exit row seat. Alternatively, passengers can choose to reserve seats for the same fees during the check-in process. If passengers do not express a seat preference, one will be allocated at random, either at the airport or during the online check-in procedure. It’s essential to note that seat reservation fees are non-refundable and cannot be modified once a boarding pass has been issued.

When it comes to in-flight amenities, Spirit charges for food and beverage services and exclusively accepts major credit cards, creating a cashless payment system onboard.

Spirit A321 Seating


Airbus A321 Spirit Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
Big Front 36″ 20″ 1-2 8
Deluxe Leather 28-38″ 17.75″ 3-39 220

 Airbus A321 seat map Spirit

Big Front

The Big Front seats on the Spirit A321 seat map are thoughtfully arranged in a 2-2 pattern, spanning two rows. Of particular note, seats 1ACDF, situated at the bulkhead, stand out as prime choices. These seats are generously designed, offering a 36-inch pitch and a 20-inch width. It’s important to note that during taxi, takeoff, and landing, access to floor storage for personal items may be restricted for safety reasons.

One potential consideration for passengers occupying these seats is their proximity to both the lavatory and the galley. While the extra legroom and width are certainly appealing, the convenience of being near these facilities might be offset by the occasional disturbances associated with passenger traffic and crew activities in these areas.

Deluxe Leather

The Deluxe Leather seats in the Spirit Airlines A321 aircraft are arranged in a 3-3 pattern, dividing the cabin into three distinct sections.

In the first section, the initial row (seats 3ABCDEF) differs a little from the rest of the seats on the plane. These seats do not lie back, and an immovable tray table in the armrest slightly narrows the seat width. Passengers considering these seats should be aware of this limitation.
Seat 10A, located in the 10th row, serves as a crew seat and should be taken into consideration when selecting seats. It is positioned near other passenger seats and may affect the overall seating experience.

Moving to the second section of the Airbus A321 Spirit seating, separated by the exit row, seats 11ABCDEF are the first in this part. These seats offer extra legroom due to their proximity to the exit row in front of them. However, like in the previous section, the tray table is situated in the armrest, and there is no access to floor storage during takeoff and landing.

In the last row of this section (the 24th row), there is a crew seat located at the edge of the row, which is a unique feature to be aware of.

 Airbus A321 seat map Spirit

The third and final section of the cabin begins with seats 25ABCDEF, which provide additional legroom thanks to the exit row in front of them. Similar to other sections, these seats also have tray tables in the armrests, and floor storage is unavailable during takeoff and landing.

Lastly, the very last row on the Airbus A321 seat map Spirit, seats 39ABCDEF, is situated close to both the lavatory and galley. Passengers seated here should be prepared for the fact that they will be among the last passengers to disembark upon arrival, given their proximity to these facilities.