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United 737 MAX 9 Seat Map

Boeing 737 MAX 9 United Overview

United 737 MAX 9 Seat Map

The United 737 MAX 9 is a sleek, cutting-edge aircraft that makes flying comfortable and enjoyable for passengers. With its roomy lodge and high-level conveniences, the airplane offers a superb choice for those searching for a reliable and effective travel method.

With the onboard WiFi, passengers stay in touch with loved ones or coworkers throughout the flight. The airline also offers free non-alcoholic beverages in all cabins. Premium Cabins get complimentary alcoholic beverages and snacks on all flights, plus full meals on flights over 2.5 hours. Economy passengers can purchase alcoholic beverages and snacks on most flights and get free meals or snacks on select ones.

Passengers can stretch out and unwind during the flight thanks to the ample legroom and seat pitch. They have space to store their carry-on luggage in the overhead compartments of the aircraft. Additionally, the cutting-edge in-flight entertainment system on the 737 MAX 9 United is one of its best features, providing passengers with numerous entertainment options throughout the flight. From the most recent motion pictures and network programs to music and games, travelers can browse various choices to keep themselves engaged while in the air.

The restrooms on the Unified 737 Max 9 are modern and very much kept up with, giving an ideal space for travelers to clean up during their flight. Soap, hand sanitizer, and tissues are just a few of the essential amenities in the restrooms, ensuring passengers have a pleasant and clean time.

United Boeing 737 MAX 9: Best Seats

United 737 MAX 9 Seat Map


The United 737 MAX 9 First Class seats’ spacious design and exclusive amenities make for a luxurious travel experience. These best-in-class seats are arranged in the initial five lines of the plane, with a 2-2 design that guarantees security.

A bulkhead in front of the seats in the first row may limit legroom. However, there are no seats in front of the passengers, so they can take advantage of more personal space.

Though the top-notch seats offer a luxurious experience, there are minor downsides. During takeoff and landing, for instance, passengers in the first row of Boeing 737 MAX 9 United First Class will not have access to floor storage, and they may also experience noise from the galley and restroom in the front.

On the other hand, the seats in the fifth row of 737 MAX 9 United First Class are free of this kind of noise, but they may be close to the restrooms at the back of the first-class section.

United 737 MAX 9 First Class

Economy Plus

United 737 MAX 9 Economy Plus

The seats in the United 737 MAX 9 Economy Plus class have a width of 18 inches and a pitch of 35 inches, making them both reasonably priced and comfortable. There are 42 seats in the class, each designed to make the flight enjoyable for passengers. Flying in the Economy Plus class is a convenient and cost-effective option. With ample legroom and seat width, passengers can still enjoy their flight, despite the minor drawbacks of some seats.

Travelers close to the restrooms, especially in seat 7D, may encounter uneasiness because of passengers gathering there and the decreased seat width. Seats 7E and 7F, on the other hand, have more legroom and are the most sought-after in the Economy Plus class. However, they are also slightly narrower due to the built-in tray tables and lack of floor storage during takeoff and landing.

Some drawbacks to seats 8A, 8B, and 8C are their proximity to the restrooms and the limited legroom they provide. These seats also don’t move their armrests, which makes them narrower.


The United 737 MAX 9 Economy class is affordable if you want to save on airfare. The class can accommodate up to 117 travelers, each situated serenely in their 31-inch-pitch and 18-inch-width seats.

Because the exit row on the seating chart is behind the 15th row, passengers may be unable to recline fully. As a result, passengers who want to unwind during their flight may feel uncomfortable.

Conversely, the United Boeing 737 MAX 9 seats in the 20th row offer extra legroom, as they are between two exit lines. However, because these seats may not recline as much as standard seats, they are not ideal for passengers who want to sleep during the flight. The 21st-row seats are considered great due to their extra legroom and personal space, offering travelers an agreeable flight insight.

United 737 MAX 9 Economy

Because they are close to the galley and restrooms, seats 38C and 38D are less appealing to passengers who might be disturbed by the traffic and noise. In addition, the wall behind the seats in the 39th row restricts reclining. Therefore, these seats are regarded as bad due to the lack of personal space when the seats in front are reclined and the noise from the galley and restrooms behind them.

Even though the United Airlines 737 MAX 9 Economy class has a few minor drawbacks, it is still affordable for passengers who want to save on airfare and have a comfortable flight.