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United 767-300 Seating Chart

United 767 Overview

The Boeing 767-300 United aircraft is a current version of 767 300ER; it is a twin-engine jet plying mid to long-range routes. This plane has a wide body, an impressive cruise speed of 540 miles per hour, and a 156’ 1” wingspan. In addition, a variety of amenities are available on board this aircraft, including entertainment, refreshments, power outlets, and internet access to keep you comfortable.

The United Airline 767, Boeing’s first wide-body twin-jet, is powered by Rolls-Royce RB211, Pratt & Whitney JT9D turbofans, or General Electric CF6. This plane features a regular tail and a supercritical wing to reduce aerodynamic drag.

In all cabins of the United Boeing 767-300, passengers can access on-demand programming and music streaming. Polaris Business has power outlets in each seat, while Economy Plus and Economy have them between rows of seats. So you won’t have to bother about your device running out of battery life.

United 767-300

On the United Airlines 767, you can access the internet with your smartphone and laptop while on the flight. Once the plane is at a cruising altitude of 10,000 feet, passengers can use the service.

Apart from the internet connection available on the United Boeing 767-300, passengers will also get meals. Like most aircraft, what passengers get depends on the length of their flight and the cabin they booked.

Boeing 767 United (767-300): Layout 1

United Airline 767

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
Polaris 75 24 1-10 30
Economy Plus 34-43 18.2 16-22 46
Economy 31 18.2 23-42 138

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Boeing 767-300

United 767 Polaris

The Polaris cabin is Boeing 767-300 United First Class section. There are 30 seats, with 20-inch pitch when passengers are in a seated position. They can also convert into a 6-foot and 6-inch wide bed.

Wider footwells are available in the bulkhead seats of the first row. Additionally, on every seat in the Polaris United 767 First Class, there is a USB port and power outlet for charging, ensuring that your devices don’t run out of battery.

All the seats in the cabin provide additional comfort for passengers. However, this comfort level is different across the board. The slightly uncomfortable seats are the first row seats comprising the 1A, 1F, and 1L. They are close to the lavatory and galley.

Economy Plus

The Economy Plus cabin of the 767 300 United comprises 46 seats, configured in a 2-3-2 layout. The seats in this cabin have a narrower width than in the United Polaris compartment — 18.5 inches. This cabin boasts an impressive seat width of 32 inches, ensuring passengers are comfortable on the flight.

When in this United 767 Business class cabin, you should check out the seats in the 21 and 22 rows at the exits. These seats come with extra leg space, hence more comfortable than others.

If you want extra horizontal pitch in your seats, go for 20AB and 20KL. These seats recline up to 4 inches and 1.8 inches, respectively. In addition, passengers sitting in aisle seats will appreciate the adjustable armrests of the seats.

Other key features of this United 767-300 Business class cabin are the high-definition touchscreen display and power outlet. The universal power outlet allows you to charge your devices while enjoying your favorite show.


In the Economy of the Boeing 767 United, there are 138 seats arranged in a 2-3-2 layout. These seats have a width of 18.5 inches and 31 inches pitch. Passengers in seats 40AB and 41AB will enjoy extra legroom since they have a bigger pitch of 43 inches.

The seats in this cabin recline up to 4 inches, while 41DEF and 42KL have a lesser recline of 3 inches. Those in seats 40AB and 41AB will enjoy the greater recline of these seats, and their extendable leg rests will make flying for long more comfortable. Passengers in 22DEF and the aisle seats will enjoy movable armrests. All seats in Economy come with 9 inches touchscreen high-definition display and universal AC power ports.

767-300 United: Layout 2

United Airline 767

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
Polaris 77 20.6 1-18 46
Premium Plus 38 19 20-23 22
Economy 31-34 18.5 30-44 99

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Boeing 767-300

United 767 300 Polaris

The Polaris United 767 300 First Class seats are open-suite. The seats can convert to a completely flat bed and have a partial enclosure. The seats in this cabin are superior in terms of privacy. In addition, passengers in this cabin will enjoy more outstanding legroom and a happy time on the flight.

If you want greater privacy, you can check out seats 3A, 3L, 5A, 5L, 7A, 7L, 9A, 9L, 11A, 11L, 15A, 15L, 17A, and 17L. These seats offer greater privacy than others adjacent to them. On the other hand, the proximity to the lavatory and galley makes seats 18A and 18L terrible.

The first row seats in this cabin comprising 1AFL are right behind the bulkhead. Therefore, they have extra leg space than other seats. However, there is a downside as they are close to the lavatory and galley. Hence passengers may find them uncomfortable.

Due to the aircraft’s structure, seats 17A, 17L, 7A, and 7L have misaligned windows. The center seats, D and F, are standard flatbed seats.

Economy Plus

There are fewer seats in the United 767-300 Premium Plus than in the Polaris cabin of the United 767-300. The 22 seats in this cabin are in a 2-2-2 configuration. The seats come with footrests to reduce the stress of flying and make passengers comfortable. Seats 20AB and 20KL in the bulkhead offer passengers additional leg space and are close to the exits.

Seats 20DF in this United 767-300 Business Class 2-1-2 cabin are most suitable for passengers with infants since they can place bassinets on the bulkhead. The downside of the first-row seats is their lack of floor storage where passengers can keep their valuables during takeoff and landing.


United Boeing 767-300

The Economy of the United Boeing 767-300 seats has a 2-3-2 configuration. The 767-300 United row 30 and 31 comprising 30DEF, 31AB, and 31KL are bulkhead seats; they are ideal for travelers with infants since they can place bassinets on the bulkhead. The downside of these seats is the tray tables and entertainment monitors on the armrests. Also, these seats do not have storage space during landing or takeoff.

From rows 31 to 40, all seats AB and KL feature additional leg space, allowing passengers to feel more comfortable. However, these United 767 300 Economy seats come with an extra charge. Travelers in the last row seats of this cabin will be the least comfortable; the last row seats, 44AB, 44DEF, and 44KL, are too close to the lavatory and galley. Therefore, the space around them can get crowded when passengers want to use the restrooms.

United Boeing 767-300: Layout 3


The Polaris United 767-300 First Class comprises 30 seats arranged in a 2-3-2 configuration. All the seats in this cabin are standard. There are no bad seats in the cabin; however, some are less desirable than others. For example, seats 1B and 1K are too close to the lavatory and galley, which some passengers will find discomforting. Furthermore, these seats do not have floor storage for passengers to stuff their valuables during takeoff or landing.

The seats in the Polaris cabin are ideal if you want a stress-free light, hence their relatively higher cost. In addition, the seats in the compartment can recline to a flatbed, offering more comfort. It is, however, essential to note that the window seats in the 5th row, 5A, and 5L, may be undesirable since they have misaligned windows.

Boeing 767-300 United

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
Polaris 75 21 1-6 30
Economy Plus 35 17.3 16-22 49
Economy 31 17.3 23-42 135

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Boeing 767-300

Economy Plus

The seats in the Economy Plus cabin of the United Airline 767 300 have a 2-3-2 layout. The first row seats of this cabin, consisting of 16AB, 16DEF, and 16KL, are among the least desirable. Given the bulkhead position, these seats have limited leg space, which may be discomforting for passengers. Also, the less-than-ideal storage space for passengers to keep their valuables during takeoff and landing is a letdown.

Passengers in the 20th row, 20AB, 20DEF, and 20KL may be uncomfortable since the seats do not recline due to the exit behind them. Also, 21AB, 21DEF, and 21KL do not recline. However, passengers will find their extra legroom desirable.

Seats 22AB and 22KL offer additional leg space due to the exit in front. However, they are undesirable because the exit could cause cold for passengers. Also, they have slightly-reduced seat width due to the position of the tray tables on their armrests.


The seats in the Economy cabin of the Boeing 767 300 United have a 2-3-2 configuration, all with an AC power socket and TV. As a result, passengers in this cabin will get a standard flying experience similar to that of Economy flights in other planes.

The undesirable seat position in this cabin is the last row of seats comprising 41DEF, 41KL, and 42AB. The downside of these seats is their limited or no recline, reducing passengers’ comfort. Also, passengers may move around this area too often due to the lavatory and galley behind.