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United A320 Seat Map

United Airbus A320 Overview

United A320 Seat Map

The United A320 operates mainly domestic flights and carries 150 passengers. This plane has three cabins, with an impressive design to make passengers comfortable.

There are 12 fully reclined seats in the First Class cabin of this aircraft; and 42 and 96 seats in the Premium Plus and Economy cabins, respectively. In addition, the United Economy comes with slimline Recaro seats, increasing knee space by an inch and providing additional overhead space.

On board this plane, you can upgrade to Economy Plus seating. However, there are specific differences between the Premium Plus and Economy seats. From the United Airbus A320 seat map, they are similar; however, the Premium Plus cabin has about 5 inches more legroom than the Economy.

United Airlines’ domestic US flights are equipped with Wi-Fi on all A320s. While on air, you can reply to your emails and stream your favorite shows after connecting to the internet. The Wi-Fi is available when the plane reaches a cruising altitude of 10,000 feet.

Non-alcoholic drinks are available to passengers for free. For flyers in the First and Premium Plus United Airbus A320 seats, alcoholic drinks are complimentary. Passengers in the Economy cabin that want alcoholic drinks will get them for a fee.

On flights under 2.5 hours, Premium Plus and First passengers get snacks. However, for flights longer than 2.5 hours, these passengers get full lunch service.

Passengers in the Economy Cabin of the Airbus A320 United get snacks and meals for specific flights. This food service is available on flights to and from the Caribbean, select Latin American countries, the Transatlantic, the Pacific, the Intra-Pacific, Micronesia, and South America.

A320 Seat Map: Best Seats

United A320 Seat Map


There are 12 recliner seats in United Airbus A320 First Class, spread across three rows of 4 seats each. Because of their proximity to the bulkhead, the seats in the front row offer more legroom than other seats in the cabin.

Travelers may not like the first-row seats because they lack floor storage for passengers to keep their amenities. Also, these seats have lesser overhead space than other United A320 First class seats.

United Airbus A320 First Class

Airbus A320 United First Class

Premium Plus

There are seven rows in a 3-3 seating configuration in the Premium Plus cabin. This cabin is directly behind the Airbus A320 United First Class. The bulkhead location of the seats in the seventh row provides more legroom for passengers; they are good seats.

The width of the 7th-row seats is slightly diminished due to the location of the tray tables in the armrests. These seats do not have floor storage space for passengers to keep belongings.

Because of the exit directly behind the 12th row, the seats cannot recline. As a result, passengers will find these 12th-row seats unpleasant.

The seats in the 20th row have more space for your legs because they are between two exit rows. In addition, the armrests double as tray tables. Therefore the seats have a smaller width.

As the United Airlines A320 seat map shows, the 21st-row seats offer more space for passengers’ legs. However, like the 20th-row seats, these seats have smaller seat widths and immovable armrests due to the placement of the tray tables in the armrests.


The A320 United Airlines 16 rows of Economy seats can accommodate 96 passengers. There are no luxury seats available. In addition, seats 37C and 37D may be uncomfortable because of their proximity to the galleys and restrooms.

Also, the proximity to the restrooms and galleys makes the seats in the 38th row uncomfortable. Other seats in this Economy cabin are standard without any noticeable downside or advantage.

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