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Boeing 737 800 Seat Map United

boeing 737 800 united seat map

Boeing 737-800 United Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
First 38″ 21″ 1-4 16
Economy Plus 37″ 17.3″ 7-21 48
Economy 31″ 17.3″ 22-37 90

Amenities Key

Amenities Key seat map

Boeing 737 800 Seat Map United: Overview

The Boeing 737 800 United Airlines uses is a domestic flyer, primarily restricting its routes to the US. This aircraft has three sections: First, Economy Plus, and Economy.

According to the Boeing 737 800 seat map United Airlines provided, there are 96 Economy seats, 48 Economy Plus, and 16 First seats on this plane. There are two other 737 800 United seating arrangements, but they only include First and Economy class cabins.

Every seat on the United Airlines Boeing 737 800 has a slope of 5 inches more than standard models. This structural improvement increases the passengers’ comfort during flights. Add that to the Audio Video On Demand system that plays songs and the DirectTV that shows movies and TV programs, and passengers get maximum entertainment in-flight.

Boeing 737-800 United First Class and Economy Plus passengers will get AC outlets that don’t need adapters. Besides Micronesia flights, passengers get internet service on all other United Boeing 737 800 trips. This service starts working once the plane reaches cruising altitude.

The First and Economy Plus cabins get free liquor, wines, and spirits, while passengers in Economy have to buy them. There are snacks for flights shorter than 2.5 hours and full meals on longer ones in the First and Economy Plus cabins.

Boeing 737 800 United Seat Map: Best Seats


From the Boeing 737 800 seat map United provided, this cabin can seat 16 people. The seats are from 1A through 4F, and the best ones for people looking for extra legroom in this cabin are seats 1A and 1B. However, they are narrower because of the armrest design and lack footrests and floor storage.

In the 737-800 seating chart United Airlines presents, the 1E and 1F seats don’t get the extra legroom that the first two have. The 4th row has limited recline because of the bulkhead behind. The Boeing 737 800 United seating shows that the rest of the seats in the First cabin are standard First Class seats.

Economy Plus

The Economy Plus cabin shown in the Boeing 737 800 United seat map has a 3-3 arrangement. Passengers in the 7th row have extra legroom; however, the armrests with built-in tray tables reduce the widths. The seats 10A and 10F aren’t aligned with their windows, and the seats 11AF and 12AF don’t have any.

Boeing 737 800 United seat map shows that the seats 21BC and 21DE are the best in the aircraft because they have extra legroom and no drawbacks. The 15th row doesn’t recline because of the exit row behind, while the 20th-row passengers will benefit from the legroom afforded by the same exit. However, another exit row behind their seats limits their recline.


According to the United 737 800 seat map, the Economy cabin contains 15 rows with equipment stored above the 23rd row, limiting storage. Towards the back of the plane, the cabin curves inwards, reducing the widths of seats in the 35th, 36th, and 37th rows. The last row doesn’t recline much, making them bad.