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United Boeing 737-900 Seat Map

Boeing United 737 900 Seat Map

Boeing United 737 900 Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
First 38″ 21″ 1-5 20
Economy Plus 35″ 17.3″ 8-12, 15, 20, 21 51
Economy 31″ 17.3″ 22-38 96

Amenities Key

Amenities Key seat map

Boeing 737 900 United Seat Map: Overview

The Boeing United 737 900 plane has three cabins — First, Economy Plus, and Economy class. The United 737 900 seating chart shows that the plane offers everything to make your flight a pleasant experience.

All 737 United Airlines are equipped with WiFi for flights within the country. However, you can only enjoy the plane’s internet service when it reaches a cruising altitude of 10,000 feet.

The in-flight amenities of theUnited 737-900 make it ideal and suitable for travel. The plane’s First Class cabin with recliner seats has 110V power ports for each seat. However, seats share a power port in the economy and economy.

Not all Boeing 737 900 United are equipped with AVOD (Audio Video on Demand) with DIRECTV; although, the process of fitting all 737-900 planes with DIRECTV is in full swing.

There is a variety of audio entertainment in all 737-900 United cabins for passengers’ pleasure. Non-alcoholic drinks are complimentary on the plane; however, passengers can purchase alcoholic drinks in the Economy Cabin. In the United 737-900 First Class cabin, the alcohol is free of charge. Passengers who wish to enjoy premium alcohol can purchase it on the plane.

In the Premium Cabin of the Boeing 737-900 United, passengers get snacks for flights shorter than 2.5 hours. For longer flights, passengers get a full meal. Passengers can purchase snacks in the Economy Class of the United Boeing 737-900. They are offered complimentary meals and snacks for South American, intra-Pacific, transpacific, and Caribbean flights.

Boeing 737 900 Seating United


In the First cabin, United Boeing 737-900 seating comprises 20 seats. The first row of this cabin with the seats 1ABEF is not ideal due to their closeness to the galleys and restricted legroom. Also, the seats do not have floor storage for passengers to keep their luggage during takeoff and landing.

You may settle for seats 2AB to 4EF; though they offer nothing special, they are less bothersome than 5ABEF, which are close to the toilets and don’t fully recline, and 1ABEF, which are close to the galleys.

The seats 5AB to 5EF do not recline fully and are too close to the lavatory. Therefore, sitting on them is not an ideal choice.

Economy Plus

In the Economy Class, the seats 11A, 12A, and 12F do not have a window, while seats 8ABC have limited legroom. They are also close to the lavatory, and their armrests are immobile, reducing the seats’ width. Whether during landing or take-off, there is no floor storage.

The seats 20ABC and 20DEF have extra legroom due to being in front but have limited recline since there is an exit behind. The seats 20A and F lack windows, while seats 21BC and DE are the best seats in this cabin due to their extra legroom without any drawbacks.


The United 737 900 seat map shows that the Economy Class has only a few bad seats. Seats 31A and F are without windows, while 38ABCDEF are the worst seats because they don’t recline fully, and the widths are reduced since they are at the curve of the plane.