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United 747 (747 400) Seat Map

United 747 (747 400) Seat Map

United Airlines 747 Overview

In November 2017, United Airlines discontinued its fleet of United 747 aircraft despite being a famous and easily identifiable aircraft used for several decades. They replaced them with more contemporary aircraft like the Boeing 777 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner because of their high operating costs and the invention of more fuel-efficient planes.

United 747 (747 400) Seat Map

United Airlines was one of the first and most significant users of the Boeing 747, with the first United Airline Boeing 747 entering service in 1970.

Over several decades, the airline operated a total of 93 747s. The 747 served as United’s flagship aircraft and flew on several of the company’s most renowned and busy routes, such as trans-Pacific flights to Asia and trans-Atlantic flights to Europe. As the aviation industry developed, operating expenses for the United Airlines Boeing 747 400 increased, and airlines phased it out in favor of more economical and fuel-efficient aircraft.

The final 747 flight operated by United Airlines, from San Francisco to Honolulu, took place on November 7, 2017, as the airline began retiring its 747 fleet. Compared to the typical United Boeing 747 400, the 747-400ER has a different range of 810 nautical miles (1500 kilometers). Modifications to the 747-400ER include stronger wings, landing gear, and a higher MTOW (Maximum Takeoff Weight) to achieve this extended range.

The 747-400ER can accommodate up to 416 passengers in a standard three-class configuration. The Boeing 747-8I (Intercontinental), which has an extended range and more advanced equipment, ultimately replaced the 747-400ER. This aircraft offers audio and video-on-demand content of over 100 movies, 200 TV programs, and 15 games via personal screens. Furthermore, all classes on the plane have access to free 100V AC power ports and USB power.

Boeing 747 400 United Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
Global First sleeping space 6’6 21.7 1-4 12
Business First sleeping space 6’4 18.8 6-10 52
Economy Plus 34 17-17.2 19-25 88
Economy 31 16.3-17.3 33-61 222

Seatmap key

Seatmap key

United Airline 747 400: Best Seats

Global First

The United 747 400 First Class Global First Class guide indicates that the cabin has 12 open suites with a width of 21.7 inches and a sleeping pitch of 6.6 inches but no floor storage. There are four rows in the cabin, with the first two rows providing extra legroom and freedom of movement. However, seats 1A and 1B in front of the closet may prove uncomfortable. A typical roller bag will not fit in the narrow overhead bins at seats 2A and 2K in the second row. However, the United 747 First Class seats in the third and fourth rows do not have overhead storage, and the seats in the 4th row could be uncomfortable because of the galley and the exit doors behind them.

Business First

The Business First Class United 747 400 seat chart shows that the cabin has 52 180-degree recline flatbed seats with a width of 18.8 inches and a pitch of 6.4 inches. The cabin has eleven rows, separated into two sections, five on the lower deck and six on the upper deck of the United 747-400 aircraft. Each row in the section of the cabin sports ten seats and has a 2-4-2 configuration. However, the seats on the 6th and 8th rows might be bothersome because of their proximity to the galleys and the lavatories.

Additionally, each row of the second section has four seats except for the 12th and 17th rows, which have two seats, respectively. The main issues with seats in the upper deck are their proximity to the stairs, the exit doors and galleys, and the predominant noise. Also, this section of the United 747 400 seats has been reported to be colder than other parts of the United 747-400.

Economy Plus

According to the United 747 seating map, the Economy Plus cabin starts immediately after the Business First Class. The cabin sports 88 standard seats — ten in each row — that offer a width of 17-17.2 inches and a pitch of 34 inches. Seats on the 19th row have slightly reduced width and proximity to the closet and lavatories, making them uncomfortable. These seats may offer less legroom and lack floor storage during takeoff and landing.

Seats 21A, 21K, 25A, and 25K lack windows, while seats 22AK, 23AK, 24AK have misaligned windows. Lastly, seats on the 25th row have proximity to the lavatories, so you should beware of them.


The Economy cabin of the United 747 seats has two sections and features 222 regular seats with a pitch of 31 inches and a width of 16.3-17.3 inches. Seats 33A and 33K have no windows and have restricted legroom due to the escape door. Also, the tray tables on these seats are attached to the armrests, reducing the seats’ width.

United 747 seat 33A or 33B to 33K may offer extra legroom, but passengers often gather around this row to use the lavatories. Seats 34D to 34G offer limited legroom because of the location of the bulkhead. The position and closeness of seats 41C, 41D to 41H, 42C, and 42H, and all seats in the 43rd row might make them uncomfortable.