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Boeing 777 200 Seat Map United

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Boeing 777-200 Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
Polaris 78″ 22″ 1-11 50
Economy Plus 35″ 17″ 16-22 72
Economy 31″ 16-17″ 23-45 145

Amenities Key

Amenities Key seat map

United 777 200 Seat Map: Overview

According to the Boeing 777 200 seat map United Airlines has, the plane has four sections with different amenities. With 364 seats, passengers can enjoy a pleasant flying experience.

The 777 200’s cabin is structured into Polaris, Economy Plus, and Economy. Passengers in the Polaris Cabin enjoy the most features, with seats arranged in a 2-4-2 pattern.

Irrespective of a passenger’s position in the United Boeing 777 200 seat map, they will enjoy internet services. This service is accessible once the airline reaches 10,000 feet. The WiFi prices range from hourly charges to a flat cost for the duration of the journey and a monthly plan for regular users.

Full-service meals, beverages, and snacks are also provided. However, what you are served depends on the length of the flight and your United 777 200 seating position.

The Boeing 777 200 United seating plan includes a personal entertainment device for passengers in Economy Class. They can stream video on their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. In addition to movies, there are also TV series, audiobooks, music, podcasts, and various other media to choose from, at no cost.

United 777-200 Seat Map: Best seats


The Polaris Cabin contains United 777 200 First Class seats that are 22-inches wide and can be folded down into a flatbed 78 inches long. This cabin has 32 seats, from 1A to 4L, each with a 180° recline. The seat design is classy, and passengers enjoy generous storage space, legroom, and personal AC ports.

Seats 4A and 4L are close to the windows, making them passenger favorites. The lavatories are behind them, but they don’t cause as much inconvenience. That is because they aren’t aisle seats, and their occupants won’t have to deal with people walking past to use the lavatories.

Seats 3DEFG are in front of the galley, so the occupants may have to deal with noise whenever the crew prepares food. There is no United 777 200 Business Class in this aircraft version.

Economy Plus

There is not much difference between the United 777 200 Economy Plus and the Economy Classes. The Economy Plus Class has 100 seats arranged in a 3-4-3 pattern. Each set of three seats in this class share two AC ports.

In the center columns with four seats, passengers share three power ports. Seats 16DEFG are too close to the galley, which can cause auditory discomfort. The armrests of seats 17A through L don’t move, so the seat widths are slimmer.


The United Boeing 777 200 has the Economy Class section behind the first two compartments. Seats in the Economy Class are standard commercial plane seats with a 3-4-3 arrangement, starting at the 27th row and ending at the 53rd.

Seats 37 AB, 37DEFG, and 37KL have limited recline. People sitting in the 39th row enjoy extra legroom because the exit row is in front of them. However, seats 39A and 39L are directly behind the cabin doors.

Seats 39D, E, F, and G are close to the lavatory, reducing convenience. They also have no floor storage and slimmer widths. Seats 51KL, 52 AB, a 53DEFG are bad seats because of their closeness to the lavatory.