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United 777 300er Seat Map

united 777 300er seat map

United Boeing 777-300er Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
Polaris 78″ 22″ 1-18 60
Premium Plus 38″ 18.5″ 20-22 24
Economy Plus 34″ 17.05″ 30-33 62
Economy 31″ 17.05″ 34-58 204

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United 777 300er Seat Map: Overview

The Boeing 777 300er United Airlines sports received a cosmetic overhaul in 2019 to make it more suitable for international trips to the US and from it. The aircraft is relatively large because of the long-distance flights, and the cabins have different comfort levels. According to the United 777 300er seat map, there are 412 seats divided between four cabins.

The Polaris cabin, which is the most luxurious, has 60 open-style suites, and the Premium Plus cabin houses 24 recliner seats. Then there are two Economy levels — Economy Plus and standard Economy, with 62 and 204 seats.

Passengers on this United 777-300er aircraft can enjoy entertainment during flights on United Private Screening monitors. The United Boeing 777 300er seat map shows that Polaris and Premium Plus passengers will have a personal 110V outlet for charging. Meanwhile, three seats in Economy Plus and Economy will share two outlets.

The United 777 300er has WiFi with different subscription plans for passengers. They can enjoy free non-alcoholic drinks and confectioneries. People in Polaris and Premium cabins also get free liquor, but any Economy cabins’ occupants interested will pay for the service.

All 777 300er United passengers get free meals depending on how long the flight lasts. Depending on flight duration, Economy and Economy Plus passengers can pay for choice meals when flying within the US.

United Boeing 777 300er Seat Map: Best Seats


The Polaris cabin has the most comfortable seats in the United Airlines 777 300er with open suites that can recline 180 degrees, converting to beds. The seats take up the first 16 rows of the plane. The first row seats are at the bulkhead, giving the occupants more legroom; however, they are too close to the galley.

Anybody in the seats 3AL, 5AL, 7AL, 11AL, 15AL, and 17AL will experience maximum comfort with more privacy due to their location and partly enclosed. Aisle seats like 1DG, 6DG, and 9DG are the best for couples because they can take down the divider between them. According to the United 777-300er seat map, the 6th-row and the seats 8AL are too close to the toilets and galleys.

Premium Plus

This cabin is equivalent to United 777-300er Business Class and starts from the 20th row and ends on the 22nd. The seats in the 20th row are all good because of the extra legroom and footrest. The 22nd-row seats also have footrests but are too close to the toilets. Passengers can’t keep luggage on the floor during takeoff and landing.

Economy Plus

The Economy Plus cabin in the United Airlines Boeing 777 300er starts from seats in the 30th row, which can be booked at extra costs, and ends on the 33rd. The seats 30AL are bad because they don’t have windows, have reduced seat widths, and the plane’s door takes up some legroom. The remaining seats in this cabin are standard.


The United Boeing 777-300er seat map indicates moveable armrests on all Economy aisle seats. The seats start from the 34th row and can pitch 31” and recline 3”. Passengers in the 43rd row may be uncomfortable sitting in front of the galley and toilets. The seats 45AL are bad because of the limited legroom and windowless feature. Passengers in 57ABKL and 58DEFG are in the worst seats with a limited recline and closeness to the galley and toilets.