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Boeing United 787 10 Seat Map

united 787 10 seating

United 787-10 Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
Polaris 78″ 20.6″ 1-11 44
Premium Plus 38″ 19″ 20-22 21
Economy Plus 35″ 17.3″ 30-34 54
Economy 31″ 16.3″-17.3″ 35-60 199

Amenities Key

Amenities Key seat map

United 787 10 Seat Map: Overview

The Boeing 787 10 Dreamliner United Airlines uses was the most advanced commercial aircraft operating in 2018. It has 21 recliner Premium Plus seats, 44 Polaris Business suites, 253 Economy Class, and 54 Economy Plus seats.

These airplanes are outfitted with the company’s most recent seatback devices, which provide hours of entertainment that can be accessed on-demand. In addition to flight information, passengers can watch movies, games, and series and enjoy audio entertainment at no charge.

There is a 110V AC power outlet for every seat on the United Airlines 787 10. Each Business Class and Premium Plus seat has a personal AC port, while one port serves each cluster of three seats in Economy Class. In addition, there is a private USB-A port installed for each seat.

Panasonic provides the WiFi network for the United 787 10. Although the WiFi is reliable and can be used anywhere, it doesn’t support streaming video content.

Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages are offered on all United Boeing 787 10 Dreamliner flights. Beer, wine, and drinks are available in Premium Plus and Polaris Business cabins, but Economy Class passengers have to pay. Depending on the location, length of trip, and time, full-service complimentary meals are offered on the flight.

United 787-10 Seat Map: Best seats

Polaris Business

The United 787 10 Business Class is organized in a 1-2-1 layout, so every seat has access to the aisle. Passengers in this cabin enjoy a lot of storage space, with countertops to put laptops or books. An HD television screen with remote control is included in each seat, which lies flat when the passenger wants to relax and is partly enclosed.

Seats 1A and 1L lie along the plane’s sides, offering added privacy, and the bulkhead increases legroom. But they are too close to the galley. Couples traveling together can choose seats 1D and 1F because passengers can draw down the divider and communicate.

Seats 1A, 1D, 1G, and 1L are too close to the lavatories and galley, hampering their comfortability. Seats 11A, 11G, 11D, and 11L also share lousy positioning.

Premium Plus

In United’s new Premium Plus cabin, travelers looking for an upgrade from the Economy without paying Business Class costs now have an excellent option. The United 787 10 seat map of this section shows 19-inch wide leather recliners with 38-inch pitches.

The seats in this cabin’s 20th to 22nd row have extra legroom; however, they don’t have storage spaces during takeoff and landing. Their closeness to the lavatories and galley is also not ideal.

Economy Plus

There are 54 Economy Plus seats in the United 787-10 aircraft. Seats in this cabin have additional 3 inches of legroom. The best seats in this cabin are 30ABC, 30DEF, and 30JKL. The entertainment and tray are attached to an armrest, and passengers can’t keep personal items on the floor during takeoff and landing.


The 787 10 United Economic Class features new leather slim-line seats with comfortable headrests and adjustable flaps on both sides. However, seats 59BC, 59JK, and 60DEF are not suitable due to their closeness to the lavatories and galley.

Passengers should look to stay in seats 42 ABC, 44DEF, and 42DEF as they offer enough legroom.