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Boeing United 787 9 Seat Map


Boeing United 787-9 Seat Specifications

Class Pitch Width Row Seats
Business 78″ 22″ 1-8 48
Economy Plus 35″ 17.3″ 16-24 88
Economy 32″ 17.3″ 27-40 116

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United 787 9 Seat Map: Overview

United Boeing’s new model 787 9 presents a significant upgrade for regular fliers. United 787 9 Business Class has the best seats and seating configuration, thanks to the diagonal positions and an aisle that gives passengers more space to stretch their legs. But most of the Economy Plus and Economy seats still guarantee an enjoyable flying experience.

The 787 9 Dreamliner United uses has 252 seats in a three-cabin arrangement. There are 116 seats in Economy, 88 in Economy Plus, and 48 in Business First Class.

Panasonic offers wireless internet aboard United’s 787 9 aircraft. Aside from having a great coverage area, the internet is faster than conventional air-to-ground technologies. Personal 110V AC ports and USB ports come with the Business First Class seats, while Economy Plus and Economy seats share 110V AC ports.

Every seat on the Boeing 787 9 United has a digital screen behind its headrest, allowing passengers to watch video content. They can also listen to audio content, stream from their devices, and enjoy meals, beverages, and snacks, though the type of food depends on flight duration and class.

Boeing 787 9 Dreamliner United: Best Seats

Business First Class

United Business Class 787 9 has a 1-1-1 arrangement with aisle access for every seat. There are two sections of Business Class with each seat tangent to the front of the plane. The first area is located up front, covering rows 1 through 8, while the second section may be found farther back and includes rows 9 through 12.

The United 787 9 Business Class seats have 48 flatbeds with recline of 180 degrees. The first row is not the most comfortable since it is near the restroom and galley, and its occupants will be exposed to extra cabin noise. Seats 4L and 4A don’t have windows, and the lavatories close to the 5th row may constitute a problem for passengers.

Economy Plus

The new United Boeing Economy Plus cabin is an excellent in-betweener. It serves passengers who need something more comfortable than Economy Class without the high Business Class rates. It is advisable for passengers with babies to sit in the 16th row due to the extra legroom it offers.

Seats in the 24th row are not ideal due to their closeness to the galley and restrooms. Passengers in seats 29DEF, 27JK, and 24BC have adequate legroom but are close to the lavatories and galley. So, they will have to forfeit one pleasure for another.


The united 787 9 Dreamliner Economy Class features a newly introduced leather slim-line seat 17.3 inches in width and a pitch of 31 inches. They are designed to provide comfort for your neck with plush headrests and adjustable wings.

Seats 27A and L have enough legroom due to the exit in front. However, passengers will sit close to the galleys and lavatories. Due to low overhead space, seats 41DEF, 40JKL, and 40ABC are not ideal, and 38L and 38A are not the best because of missing windows.