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Embraer RJ145 United Seat Map

Embraer RJ145 United Overview

Embraer 145 United

The Embraer RJ145 United, operated by United Express, provides travelers with a unique onboard experience. When it comes to storage options, overhead bins are primarily situated on the two-seat side of the aircraft, meaning that standard rollaboards may not fit as comfortably on this aircraft. Additionally, passengers seated in single seats should be aware that there is limited underseat storage available.

For those who value spaciousness, it’s worth noting that the window seats on this aircraft may offer less shoulder room due to the curvature of the plane. Additionally, engine noise tends to be more pronounced towards the rear of the plane. To ensure safe and balanced flight conditions, passengers may occasionally be asked to switch seats if the plane is relatively empty, as part of weight considerations.

In terms of in-flight refreshments, non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary for all passengers on the United Embraer 145. Those in Economy Class have the option to purchase alcoholic beverages. Additionally, premium alcohol selections are available for purchase on select flights.

For travelers in Premium Cabins, on flights under 2.5 hours, you can expect a selection of snacks. However, on flights lasting 2.5 hours or longer, a full meal service is provided.

In Economy Class, passengers have access to a Snack Shop and Bistro on Board offerings that can be purchased on most flights. Complimentary meals and snacks are available on specific routes, including those to the Caribbean, select Latin American destinations, trans-Atlantic, trans-Pacific (excluding continental U.S. to/from Hawaii), intra-Pacific, Micronesia, and South American flights.

United Embraer RJ145 Seating

United Embraer RJ145

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
Economy Plus 34″ 17.3″ 6
Economy 31″ 17.3″ 44

Economy Plus

Economy Plus on the Embraer 145 United offers passengers a more comfortable flying experience with a seat pitch of 34 inches and a seat width of 17.3 inches. In this class, you’ll find six standard seats arranged in a 1-2 configuration, providing extra legroom and enhanced comfort compared to standard economy seating.

The Economy Plus section is primarily situated in the front rows of the Economy cabin, allowing passengers to enjoy quicker boarding and disembarkation. However, there are some specific details to note about certain seats within this section.

Seats 1A and 3CD of the United Express ERJ 145 are located near the galley and in close proximity to the exit rows. While they offer the advantage of being among the first to exit the aircraft, they can be a bit noisy due to their proximity to the galley. Additionally, these are bulkhead seats, meaning that the tray table is situated in the armrest. While this design choice provides extra space, it makes the tray table stationary and can narrow the seat just a little.

Seats 18ACD are positioned in the first rows of the second Economy section on the United E145 seating chart; these seats offer a good balance of legroom and comfort. However, they come with a unique feature – a half armrest. While this design may be a matter of personal preference, some passengers find it less comfortable compared to full armrests. Additionally, since these seats are close to the exit row, some passengers have reported feeling a bit colder in this area during the flight.


The Economy class on the EMB 145 United offers a seat pitch of 31 inches and a seat width of 17.3 inches, offering people a conventional yet comfortable sitting layout. The 44 basic seats in the cabin’s layout are organised in a 1-2 arrangement, making the majority of seats comfortable for travel. However, it’s worth noting that there are a few exceptions, primarily in the last rows of each section.

The Economy cabin is divided into two sections, with the exit row serving as the dividing point. Here’s what you should consider about the seats in the last rows of each section.

Seats 11ACD, located in the rear of the first section, have limited recline due to the presence of the exit row immediately behind them.

Positioned at the back of the second section, seats 24ACF are the last on the Embraer RJ145 United seat map. Like the seats in row 11, they also have limited recline. Additionally, there is a lavatory located directly behind these seats, which could lead to occasional noise and traffic. Furthermore, because of their proximity to the rear of the aircraft, these seats may be more exposed to engine noise, which could potentially be bothersome during the flight.