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Delaware Airports

How Many Airports are There in Delaware?

Delaware is one of the smallest U.S. states. Its size, Northeast location, and mountain landscape result in a small number of airports in the state, the majority of which are specialized in general aviation. There are 11 public and 19 private airports in Delaware. The state has 12 heliports as well.

All commercial airports are classified as non-hubs, with Wilmington Airport (ILG) being the biggest one. All airports are well-maintained and provide a wide range of services to private fliers, including hangars for parking and maintenance.

Delaware aims at the development of its airports and attracting pilots and passengers to take private or charter flights. Many taxes usually imposed on aircraft/pilots are absent in Delaware. Meanwhile, airports are usually well-equipped and maintained, providing a variety of services to aircraft, pilots, and passengers.

The major general aviation facility among Delaware airports is Delaware Airpark (33N). It’s well-known for its flight training program, which allows pilots to fly at any time of year.

Is There any Commercial Airport in Delaware?

On the Delaware airports map, there is only one Wilmington Airport (ILG) with regular flights, offering commercial service. No airport in the state was ranked as having commercial service between 2008 and 2013. Wilmington Airport launched the scheduled service in 2013, which lasted until 2015. During 2015-2020, the passenger flow at the airports was too low to meet the FAA criteria for commercial service. However, in 2021, flights to ILG were resumed on a regular basis.

List of 5 Airports in Delaware

  • 1. Wilmington Airport (ILG). According to FAA estimates, 626 air travelers passed through ILG gates in 2020, an increase over the 2019 figure (557). Frontier Airlines offers a direct connection from ILG to Orlando, FL.
  • 2. Delaware Airpark (33N). LID, one of the major airports in Delaware for general aviation, is the busiest during summer time. NASA and Air Force pilot training takes place during this period. The airport has 1 runway of 4,200 ft.
  • 3. Summit Airport (EVY). In 2020, EVY was visited by 1 passenger, which is a decrease from 2019 (18 passengers). The airport’s primary focus is on general aviation. It has 2 runways, 4,487 and 3,600 ft long.
  • 4. Delaware Coastal Airport (GED). GED, which is adjacent to the shore, is one of the most popular airports in Delaware for private panoramic flights and general aviation operations. Planes take off and land on 2 runways, 5,500 and 3,109 ft long, respectively.
  • 5. Chandelle Estates Airport (0N4). The airport is used mainly for private flights and general aviation operations. It has one 2,533-foot runway. Although 0N4 is privately owned, it is available for public usage.

What Airlines Fly to Delaware?

For a long time, Delaware was the only state in the United States without a regularly scheduled commercial service. In February 2021, Frontier Airlines opened service to Orlando, FL (MCO airport). Low-cost Frontier stays the only commercial carrier offering scheduled flights from Delaware airports.

Delaware Aviation Museum

Delaware Aviation Museum was founded in 2004 in one of the most picturesque Delaware airports—Delaware Coastal Airport (GED). It is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting, preserving, and displaying aviation history. The museum organizes restoration work for vintage airplanes and gives insight into the technology of the past. The museum exhibit is also an educational venue for aviation technology students and a good source for general knowledge about aviation and aircraft for the general public.
The exhibit consists of several aircraft, including vintage models. On display, there are also artifacts related to aviation and airports in Delaware. The museum also has its own library named after Jeffrey L. Ethell, a pilot who published many works on aviation. The library has fiction and nonfiction books about aviation, as well as magazines, technical data on aircraft and airfields, and a collection of aviation-related videos.