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Maine Airports

How Many Airports are There in Maine?

In total, there are over 145 airports in Maine that are recognized by the FAA. Out of them, 68 airports relate to the public sector. The air traffic of Maine is moderate and counts about 1.5 million passengers passing through all airports each year (2020 data). In comparison, in 2018, the annual travelers’ number of the Portland International Jetport exceeded 2 million passengers.

There are five international airports in Maine, two of which (Houlton International (HUL) and Loring International (LIZ) airport) don’t have scheduled service yet. The list of major airports in Maine goes as follows:

  • Portland International Jetport (PWM). The airport serves as the landing and takeoff platform for 9 airlines connecting the airport with 32 airports in 20 states. The passenger traffic was 2,180,154 in 2019.
  • Bangor International (BGR). The passenger count was 607,000 travelers (as of 2019), and four airlines operate there. The planes fly to and from nine cities in eight different states.
  • Hancock County-Bar Harbor (BHB). With two operating Airlines connecting the airport with Boston, MA, the airport’s passenger count reached 16,000 passengers before the COVID pandemic.
  • Presque Isle International (PQI). The United Express airline carried over 26,000 travelers (as of 2019) to and from the airport connecting it with Newark, NJ and Washington Dulles, VA.
  • Knox County Regional (RKD). With a single Cape Air airline flying to Boston, MA, the airport served 6,733 passengers in 2019.
  • Augusta State (AUG). Having Boston, MA as a single connection, and Cape Air airlines as a single carrier, the airport served over 4,000 passengers in 2019.

Airports for Private Pilot Airplanes

Among the Maine airports, there are many offering private pilot flights. This service is used by tourists looking for panoramic views as well as locals who need to get to the islands or simply get to another town quickly. Here are some of the most popular airports for booking aircraft in ME:

  • Houlton International Airport (HUL)
  • Loring International Airport (LIZ)
  • Northern Aroostook Regional Airport (FVE)
  • Wiscasset Municipal Airport (IWI)
  • Stonington Municipal Airport

Clearing Customs at Small Airports

Private planes are often booked at Maine airports for flights to Canada. In this case, you must go through the customs clearance process. This process is usually simplified and involves paperwork. The customs inspection might take the following steps:

  1. Declaration of goods, money, or valuables.
  2. Inquiring about prohibited/restricted export items such as tobacco, weapons, pets, seeds/plants, and so on. This question applies to both the items you’re carrying and those you’ve left behind.
  3. Inspection of passport/driver license.
  4. Inquiring about the origin country.
  5. If you travel with a child without the other parent, a relevant letter should be present from him or her granting permission for the child to cross the border in any of the airports in ME.

Maine Air Museum

The airports in Maine have always played a prominent military, recreational, and commercial role. The Maine Aviation Historical Society was established by the Main Aviation Historical Society to preserve the aviation artifacts of this area. The museum is located near the Bangor International airport, at 98 Maine Avenue, Bangor, Maine (open on Saturdays and Sundays).