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New Mexico Airports

What Airports are There in New Mexico?

The state has 62 public use and 71 private airports, and 33 heliports. Among them, there are three international airports in New Mexico state. They are located in Albuquerque, Roswell, and Las Cruces cities. Although five of New Mexico’s airports have daily flights, they do not serve as many passengers as the other airports in the state.

The Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ), the state’s largest, serves more than 2.6 million passengers each year (78.65% on-time arrival flight performance compared to 79.99% in the USA and 81.29% on-time departure performance compared to 81.56% in the USA). The smallest one is Four Corners Regional Airport (FMN) (2,659 passenger count). The most important regional airports in the state are located in Farmington, Los Alamos, Taos, Santa Fe, and Carlsbad.

Airports in New Mexico offer flights to the biggest cities of the USA and other countries. They welcome around 2.8 M passengers per year. This accounts for 0.33% of the United States air traffic.

List of Airports in New Mexico

  • 1. Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ). Being the main among all the New Mexico airports, the airport handled 5.4 M passengers in 2018. Most of them come from domestic routes. Averagely, it has around 2.3 M enplanements annually. This airport is served by dozens of airlines. The biggest of them are Southwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines.
  • 2. Lea County Regional Airport (HOB). This commercial airport is FAA approved and has three runways. In 2019, it had almost 20,000 aircraft operations. It provides flights to Houston every day.
  • 3. Roswell International Air Center (ROW). The airport has around 35 thousand enplanements per year. It has two paved runways. 53,075 aircraft operations were completed in the airport in 2013 (145 per day).
  • 4. Santa Fe Regional Airport (SAF). Among all the airports in New Mexico, this one is the second busiest. Mainly, it’s served by American Eagle and United Express airlines. It had 71,932 aircraft operations in 2013 (an average of 197 per day), the majority of which (71 percent) were general aviation flights.
  • 5. Grant County Airport (SVC). According to 2018 figures, this county-owned airport has roughly 5,000 enplanements per year (16 per day on average). It is generally used for general aviation.

Which airlines fly to New Mexico?

The major airports in New Mexico are served by the following airlines:

  • 1. United Airlines
  • 2. Northwest Airlines
  • 3. SkyWest Airlines
  • 4. American Airlines
  • 5. Mesa Airlines
  • 6. Southwest Airlines

The following airlines fly to New Mexico from the United States:

  • 1. American Airlines
  • 2. Alaska Airlines
  • 3. British Airways


According to statistics, the most popular destinations in New Mexico airports are the next ones:

  • 1. Albuquerque (52%)
  • 2. El Paso (30%)
  • 3. Santa Fe (15%)
  • 4. Roswell (1%)
  • 5. Carlsbad (1%)

Cavalcade of Wings

Visitors to the Albuquerque Sunport Terminal can enjoy a Cavalcade of Wings, an exhibition of 1300 airplane models. Harry Davidson, a Navy pilot, began the collection, which is now housed in Great Hall in 1965. In his childhood, he began to make airplane models. Harry began displaying the models with the agreement of the airport’s director, Clyde Sharrer, and paid for it himself. With the passage of time, other people started to support Harry, and, thanks to that, the display has grown to include 1300 airplane models, as seen now. Because of that, the collection constantly moved around the airport terminal. It keeps growing in size.

The collection not only depicts the history of aviation in Albuquerque but also makes an important addition to the global history of aviation.