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Rhode Island Airports

How Many Airports are There in Rhode Island?

There are 8 public airports in Rhode Island, 1 of them is an international airport, there are also 2 private airports, and 12 helipads.

Theodore Francis Green State International Airport is the largest of airports in RI. The number of passengers is 2117409 people per year. And the smallest airport is Block Island State with the number of passengers of 16,809 people per year. The arrival time of a flight to Theodore Francis Green State is 76.26% compared to the United States average of 79.99%. The departure time from Theodore Francis Green State Airport is 81.39% compared to the United States average of 81.56%.

The total number of passengers at all airports Rhode Island is 2151912 people per year, which is 0.25% of the total number of air traffic in the United States.

The RI airports system consists of 8 airports currently owned by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT), with the Rhode Island Airports Corporation (RIAC) assuming all management and operation responsibilities. RIAC was established in 1992 as a quasi-public corporation of the State of Rhode Island for the efficient and effective development of the state aviation system. In addition to the operation and maintenance of public airports, RIAC is responsible for the planning, design and construction of airport improvements.

Top 5 of Major Airports in Rhode Island

  • Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport — It is a public international airport in the city of Warwick. It was the first public airport in the USA. T.F. Green International is a hub airport for Wiggins Airways.
  • Westerly State Airport — The airport is located in the city of Westerly, located in Washington County. Basically, this is a civil aviation airport, but there are also regular flights to Block Island operated by New England Airlines.
  • Block Island State Airport — It is a public use airport located on Block Island. It is mainly a general aviation airport, but there is also a regular air service with the Westerly State Airport.
  • Newport State Airport — It serves the city of Newport and is located 2 nautical miles northeast of its central business district. There are no regular flights of civilian airlines here, and it is possible to get to this airport only using air taxis, private planes or military aviation.
  • Quonset State Airport — A combined military-civilian public airport located at Quonset Point. It is included in the Federal Civil Aviation Administration.

Popular Airlines

The main airports of Rhode Island are served by the following airlines:

  • Air Canada
  • New England Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Northwest Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Continental Airlines
  • SATA International
  • Cape Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Wiggins Airways


According to statistics, the most popular destination in Rhode Island airports is Providence (100%).

Rhode Island: First Steps in Aviation

One cold November day in 1917, the air over the Greenwich Bay of Rhode Island resounded with an unusual roar of an aircraft engine for that time. An elegant seaplane rose from the water near Cape Chepivanoxet in Warwick, near the city limits of East Greenwich. It was a Gallaudet D2 aircraft, the brainchild of a brilliant engineer named Edson Fessenden Gallaudet, who moved his young aircraft manufacturing plant to Rhode Island from Connecticut. A new factory, mainly financed by local businessmen, was built on an island that had served as a source of straw for the roof since colonial times. The construction of the plant also included a causeway connecting the island to the mainland at Alger Avenue, a side street of U.S. Route 1.

Gallaudet’s unique ideas secured him a special place in the history of aviation, earned by his innovative developments, which were among the forerunners of modern military seaplanes. Gallaudet’s unique ideas secured him a special place in the history of aviation, earned by his innovative developments, which were among the forerunners of modern military seaplanes.

Gallaudet received funding from a group of Rhode Island investors on condition that it would locate its new plant on the island. Soon the construction of a large factory building was completed, which in 1916 came into operation. The facility’s administrative office was located in a beautiful cedar shingles building that still stands at 4332 Post Road and currently serves as the Office of a local real estate firm. This is the only surviving building of the Gallaudet factory.