Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) Flight Departures

Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL) Departures

Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) Departures

In this article, you can find all the information regarding FLL departures flights.
This info is always in constant update and in real-time. It gives an opportunity to check the schedules, status of the flights, airlines, and their destinations, delays, and cancellations.

When I Should be at the Fort Lauderdale Airport Before Departure?

Time can be varied according to many reasons:

  • is this an international or domestic flight;
  • the size of the airport;
  • the ticket class;
  • baggage or hand luggage.

Usually, the check-in counters close between 30 and 60 minutes before departure. For a long-distance flight, you should be there two or two and a half hours before, because of the security checks. Be sure to take into account the travel time at Fort Lauderdale Airport and the time it takes for security and passport control. Be prepared for queues in front of the checkpoints at peak times.

Pre FLL Departures Tips

  • Be sure to arrive at the Fort Lauderdale Departure airport area at least 2,5 hours before your flight if it is international or 2 hours if it is domestic.
  • Check the baggage limits (size, weight, prohibited items, etc.) with your airline.
  • Have all the documentation to check in (ticket, passport, Visa) in hand.
  • Check the Public Transportation available to Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) and the Terminal from which you are departing. If you go by car, check the availability of parking at the airport.
  • Check the Lounge Rooms offered by the airport before the FLL airport departures flight.
  • Check the online schedule to know the status of your flight.
  • If it is necessary, declare electronic devices at the Tax Office.
  • At the Check-In counter (if necessary) check your luggage, show your ticket and passport and you will receive your boarding pass (if you do not need to check in your luggage, some airports have machines for you to manage your boarding pass – self-service check-in).
  • Then at the checkpoint, if you have a laptop or tablet in your hand luggage you must put it aside in a plastic tray as if it were other luggage. Once you have passed through the checkpoint, you will be in the boarding area. Locate your boarding gate and wait for the airline to call you to board the plane with your boarding pass and passport in hand.
  • If you are a passenger with reduced mobility or a disability, coordinate your trip at least 48 hours in advance with your airline and check the facilities for Special Passengers provided by the airport.

Airport Lounges

Access to airport lounges can be obtained, for example, with Business Class, First Class tickets, as a frequent flyer with a certain status, membership programs, or with selected credit cards. If you do not have lounge access and plan to stay for a longer period of time, you still have the option of paying for access.

  • United Club: Location — Terminal 1, Hall C, near Gate C1;
  • Delta Sky Club: Location: Terminal 2.