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Gerald R. Ford International Airport Departures

GRR Departures Terminal Map

grr departures terminal map
This map of Gerald R Ford Airport departures, designed to guide arriving travelers efficiently through the terminal. The terminal is structured into two main parts: Concourse A and Concourse B, which extend from a central area. Each concourse is clearly labeled with gates A1 through A16 and B1 through B7, respectively.

Key facilities such as restrooms, family restrooms, and companion care restrooms are conveniently distributed throughout the concourses. Services like ATMs, dining options, bars, and shopping areas including a market place are available to meet various traveler needs. Special amenities such as a military welcome center, a health kids’ port by Crowell Health, and electric vehicle charging stations are also marked. For travelers checking GRR departures today, real-time updates and information are essential and can be accessed via designated information screens.

For ease of navigation, the map includes a Skybridge that connects the parking garage to the main terminal, enhancing accessibility. The second floor offers additional facilities like police and badging, an observation area, and conference rooms, ensuring that both immediate and extended airport needs are catered to.