Parking at Honolulu International Airport

Garage has 8 stories and this Honolulu airport parking is open 24/7 with 30-day parking limit.

The Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 Parking Garages are 7 stories and 5 stories buildings tall respectively that are open 24/7. Overall, 1,800 spaces are available in the Honolulu international airport parking Garage. The Parking Plaza is the Exit, also it allows direct access to the H-1 Freeway eastbound and westbound and Nimitz Highway.

Honolulu airport parking rates:
0-15 Minutes Free
16-30 Minutes $1.00
31-60 Minutes $3.00
61-120 Minutes $5.00
121-180 Minutes $7.00
181-240 Minutes $9.00
241-300 Minutes $14.00
301-360 Minutes $18.00

Lost ticket minimum per every 24 hours — $18.00

Cash or a credit cards are both acceptable for payment but checks are not accepted.

On level 1 of the International Parking Garage an electric vehicle charging station for to 2 vehicles are located. The charging price is $7.00 for 24 hours.

Motorcycle Parking — $1.00 for two hours and $5.00 maximum per day via payment box and $50.00 for a month.

Monthly parking is $300; the parking located on the fourth floor of the Interisland Terminal Parking Garage (the amount of places is limited).

HNL parking of bicycles are at the 2 ground level. Nowadays it is free to use bicycle racks. However, left unattended must be secured to bicycle racks.

Bicycle parking is limited to 72 hours (3 days). Because of the lack of space, registered owners have to contact the Airport Duty Manager at 836-6434 and obtain prior permission to exceed the 72-hour restriction.

You can enter the ground level with valid placards. In Terminal 1 and 2 Parking Garages, you can leave your car not only at the center, but near the elevators on each floor.