PSP Departures — Palm Springs International Airport

Palm Springs Airport (PSP) Departures

Monitoring PSP Departures Status

It is easy and straightforward to find out the status of your flight leaving Palm Springs Airport. With this online flight board, you can quickly ascertain the status of your flight. Visit one of the information desks spread throughout the airport terminal if you would rather ask your questions in person.

Terminals Overview

Palm Springs Airport departures are shared between two terminals, namely Terminal A and Terminal B, catering to arrivals and departures. Terminal A exclusively handles domestic flights, whereas Terminal B is designated for international flights. Terminal A boasts 11 gates, whereas Terminal B features 6 gates. Both terminals are well-equipped with amenities such as dining options, shopping outlets, and lounges, ensuring a pleasant and convenient experience for travelers departing from Palm Springs Airport.

Palm Springs Departures Protocols for Travelers

Passengers flying domestically are advised to arrive at the airport ninety minutes before their scheduled departure time. Travelers from other countries should plan to arrive at least two hours before their flight departs. Every passenger must undergo security screening before gaining access to the PSP Airport departures gate. Additionally, passengers should consult their respective airlines for any specific requirements or restrictions pertaining to their journey.

Safety Procedures

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint opens about 1.5 hours before the first flight of the day and closes after the last PSP flight departures of the day, even though the Palm Springs International Airport is open twenty-four hours everyday.

There are several security checkpoints at PSP Airport, which are thoughtfully placed throughout the terminal. Beside the check-in counters at the terminal entrance is where you’ll find the main security checkpoint. In addition, there are additional security checkpoints located close to the gates where flights depart. To guarantee a smooth procedure for Palm Springs Airport departures today, If possible, try to get to the airport at least two hours before your planned departure time to have plenty of time for security checks and other formalities.