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How Many Airports are There in Virginia?

In total, there are 436 airports in Virginia, with 66 of them being public. Only nine of them have commercial flights. In 2020, the total passenger traffic at VA-based airports was around 20 million, which is about 60% less than in 2019.
There are five international airports and four regional airports. Domestic flights are currently served by all airports except Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and Washington Dulles International Airport. Dulles International Airport is the only one in the world that accepts and sends passengers from all over the world.
The ranking of international Virginia airports based on annual passenger traffic (as of 2020):

  • Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). 8,333,460 have arrived and departed to over 32 countries in the world and within the US. The airport is served by 31 different airlines.
  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA). With eight airlines, 7,574,966 travelers flew across the United States.
  • Norfolk International Airport (ORF). The airport, which was turned over to domestic flights only, received 1,785,135 passengers, who flew with 10 airlines.
  • Richmond International Airport (RIC). Eight airlines transported 1,702,372 passengers to and from domestic destinations.
  • Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport (PHF). American Airlines is the only airline that operates here, transporting 431,077 passengers to and from three US states.

Virginia Airports Economic Impact

The airports in VA play an important role in the state’s economic growth. Here are some figures for their economic contribution:

  • 69,000 pass through the airports every day. Out of them, 23,000 are arriving from another state or abroad;
  • over 6,000 aircraft movements per day;
  • more than 30 projects implemented at 20 VA airports;
  • $28.8 billion of the yearly contribution to the state’s economy makes almost 4.5% of the VA total output;
  • 259,000 jobs provided by the airports account for 5.5% of overall jobs in VA;
  • $11.1 billion of the yearly payroll.

Department of Aviation

The Virginia Department of Aviation is responsible for several aviation and management-related activities within the Virginia airports:

  • flight planning;
  • enforcing the aviation law compliance;
  • airport infrastructure development;
  • airport licensing;
  • construction and maintenance of airport runways/facilities;
  • security and safety monitoring of airports in Virginia;
  • aircraft maintenance and operation, technical and safety monitoring;
  • aircraft licensing;
  • scheduling of all types of aircraft, including emergency flights;
  • implementation of aviation education programs and general awareness of aviation (through social networks, official website, briefings, trade shows, etc.);
  • government and public accountability reporting;
  • providing information, technical and financial support to airport investors.

Virginia Aviation Museum

The museum was found in 1986 in Henrico County, which was close to the Richmond International airport. Its collection originally consisted of 34 aircraft frames representing the artifacts of WWI and later artifacts. There were also reproduction models of the kite gliders assembled by the Wright brothers. Part of the exhibits belonged to the museum, while the rest were borrowed. The prime exhibit was the SR-71 Blackbird, which was later relocated to the Science Museum of Virginia.
The museum has not been open for exhibitions since 2016. Its collection, which is still housed in the old building, consists of 23 WWI-era airframes and four modern-era exhibits.