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How Many Airports are There in Florida?

As Florida takes the 3rd place by its population among the U.S. states, it has a well-developed network of airports. There are 496 airports serving commercial and general aviation. The high tourist traffic in the region led to the establishment of 24 international service airports in Florida. Only two of them (MCO and MIA) have scheduled international flights at the moment.
The air traffic of Florida is quite high in smaller airports as well. NW Florida Beaches International Airport, though not considered major, serves 1 million passengers yearly.
The following are the main airports in Florida:

  • Orlando International Airport (MCO). 21,617,803 US and foreign travelers flew with 34 airlines to and from MCO. The share of passengers on international flights was 7.5%.
  • Miami International Airport (MIA). 18,663,858 passengers, out of which 40% departed and arrived on international flights. The airport is served by 33 airlines.
  • Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport (FLL). In 2020, the airport welcomed 16,484,132 passengers, 19 percent of whom were from other countries, and 65 airlines served them.
  • Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW). 5,978,414 passengers flew with 8 airlines to and from the U.S. destinations in 2020.
  • Tampa International Airport (TPA). In 2020, 491.833 passengers (1.2% on international flights) enplaned and deplaned at TPA. The airport is served by seven airlines.

Airports Infrastructure

The majority of airports in Florida have well-developed infrastructure. There are numerous routes to nearby cities, hotels, restrooms, cafes, and restaurants. The area is also accessible to people with disabilities. There are numerous ramps, elevators, wheelchairs, lowered phone books, etc. The majority of airlines that fly out of airports offer online booking.

Customs at the Florida Airports

Although many international airports in Florida have reduced their international passenger traffic in 2020, most of them retain Customs and Border Protection offices. These airports are marked as receiving commercial services, which means they are public property and serve commercial airlines for scheduled passenger flights.
Many offer a full range of services:

  • processing of documents for passengers departing or arriving from abroad;
  • inspection of cargo/luggage and execution of documents;
  • customs storage facilities.

Florida Airports Council

The Florida Airport Managers Association (FAMA) was founded in 1969. FAMA’s objectives were to pool resources in support of increased passenger traffic and airport development. Currently, the Council is based in Orlando, FL, at 5802 Hoffner Avenue, Suite 708.
Current members of the FAC:

  • 20 commercial Florida airports;
  • 79 public-owned general aviation airports;
  • 1 Spaceport (Cecil Airport (VQQ));
  • student institutions: educational, affiliate, corporate;
  • student members.

The current Council activities belong to two spheres:

  • development of the airport facilities;
  • education and professional growth of Council members.

For its members, the FAC holds numerous conferences, live and online seminars, and educational programs.

Florida Beaches near Airports

Many Florida airports are located in close proximity to beaches. The major FL hubs are the farthest from beaches, but even then, the drive to the nearest beach takes no more than 45 minutes. And there’s a well-developed infrastructure for that. You can take a taxi, a bus, or a shuttle bus, rent a car, or take the subway.
Key West International Airport (EYW) is the closest airport to the beach. It’s situated just 1 mile away from Smathers Beach. Other airports located close to the beach:

  • FLL airport to Dania Beach—3.5 miles
  • Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) to Palm Beach coastline—4 miles
  • MIA Miami Beach—12 miles