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South Carolina Airports

How Many Airports are There in South Carolina?

Though the state isn’t big and has travel-friendly landscapes, air transportation is quite popular in South Carolina. The state has 66 airports accessible by the public that are unevenly distributed in terms of passenger flow. There are no large or medium hubs among South Carolina airports, although the majority of them are visitor-friendly and feature a high level of aviation development. Presently, only six major airports within the state provide year-round service. Other airports serve seasonal and private flights.

Meanwhile, even the smallest airports in South Carolina have considerable passenger traffic. Florence Regional Airport (FLO) with a volume of 15,552 air travelers is the least busy one. However, the top airport of the state—Charleston International Airport (CHS)—served below 2 M passengers in 2020. At the same time, the CHS’ timings are below the average level across the States. The precision of departures is 80.13% and arrivals—78.69%. The overall number of passengers passing through airports in South Carolina is around 5.2 M, which corresponds to 0.6% of the total U.S. air traffic.

What Airports are in South Carolina?

  • 1. Charleston International Airport (CHS). 1,952,271 air travelers used CHS to land or depart to their destinations within the United States in 2020. Flights with eight carriers are available on the airport’s schedule. CHS stands at the top of South Carolina airports as the largest and busiest one.
  • 2. Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR). 1,113,820 passengers used gateways at MYR to board the aircraft or deplane in 2020. Nine airlines (including Canadian Porter Airlines) land and take off their aircraft at the airport.
  • 3. Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP). GSP served as a landing and take-off place for 1,065,499 passengers in 2020. Currently, six carriers provide their aircraft service connecting the airport with 17 destinations within the USA.
  • 4. Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE). 577,187 travelers passed CAE gateways in 2020. Presently, the airport offers flights to and from eight US cities, with any of three airlines operating at CAE.
  • 5. Hilton Head Airport (HHH). The 5th of the South Carolina major airports, HHH served 158,485 travelers in 2020. One may fly to 14 cities in the United States using carriers who schedule their flights at the airport.


With domestic destinations having the priority in 2020, it’s no surprise that US-based airlines became the major carriers in South Carolina. There are both major carriers like United, Delta, American Airlines, and niche ones like Spirit, Frontier, and Sun Country. The international carriers’ share is represented by Porter Airlines.

Most Popular Destinations in South Carolina

The following destinations and airports represent the most frequent flight searches to SC, according to online search websites:

  • Charleston (CHS)—23% of total searches.
  • Myrtle Beach (MYR)—22%
  • Greenville (GSP)—6%
  • Hilton Head Island (HHH)—5%
  • Columbia (CAE)—4%

South Carolina Aviation Association

Based in Charleston, South Carolina Aviation Association (SCAA) unites the regional and international airports in South Carolina, flight schools, pilots, and other organizations connected with aviation in SC. The Association disseminates information on different aspects of state aviation and its airports and promotes the airports’ development. It’s also an important source on the current aviation state for legislators and congressmen.

The SCAA promotes the development of airports and their accessibility on the state legislative level. Its information board provides up-to-date data regarding current aviation legislation and rules adopted at the airports and on board aircraft. The Association hosts a variety of activities (educational courses, conferences, etc.) to raise public awareness of South Carolina aviation.