San Antonio Airport (SAT) Flight Arrivals

San Antonio International Airport (SAT) Arrivals

San Antonio Airport Arrivals

Find through this section, all the information you need to know about San Antonio Airport Arrivals flights, from airlines, delays, cancellations and delays, everything you need to know in detail and with updated information.

Few Tips After Arrival

  • If your stay in the United States is going to be short and you have a connection, it is advisable not to check your baggage. Try to take hand luggage and avoid liquids that exceed the limits allowed in the cabin. This way you will get rid of one more worry after San Antonio Flight arrivals: having to change your suitcase from one belt to another. This will only eat up time while endless lines form at immigration (either for your own flight or others).
  • When you are handed the customs form on the plane, fill it out right then and there and do not leave it to the last minute. Once you have written all the information, keep it in your passport and have all the documents at hand. Remember that you only need to fill out one customs document per family.
  • A mistake that some travelers often make is not having the address of the place where they will be staying. This is one of the essential requirements when filling out the immigration form. Keep this information handy. If you are going to stay in different places, then write down the address of the first place you are going to stay.
  • Once you have exited the plane, do not hesitate to move forward by passing other passengers who are traveling at a slower pace. Follow the flight connection signs at San Antonio Flights arrivals area if your stop through the first U.S. airport is temporary. If your connection is coming soon, do not hesitate to ask the airport staff if there is an immigration queue for connections. The San Antonio arrivals area already has this special line. If there isn’t and you see that you are going to miss your second flight, then ask one of the staff if they can “sneak you in”. Don’t forget to look dramatic and stressed, but always polite.

Airport Services

  • ATMs are available in the ticket area, baggage claim terminal and the food court terminal.
  • Luggage carts — SmarteCartes are available for a fee of $4.00.
  • Currency exchange — Marcy’s Business Terminal offers currency exchange, computers with Internet access, copy services, fax services and travel supplies. Location: Terminal A, Landside, Lobby. Opening hours: 7 a.m. — 9 p.m. (Mon — Fri), 7 a.m. — 8 p.m. (Sat).
  • DutyFree&Shopping — UETA duty-free store is located in the Controlled Zone in Terminal A, upper level, opposite Gate A6 / A7. Opening hours: 7:00 am — 9:00 pm (Mon — Sat).
  • Food and beverages — food outlets throughout the airport operate with different schedules.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available at San Antonio Airport. Connect to the “SAIA1”, “WiFi4Public” or “Airpath4Public” network.